Friday, June 27, 2014

I Cannot Feel My Legs

The new it-girl on the rise Anna of the North is once again teasing us with more of her wondrous washings of icy nordic synths by dropping another demo. This time, Anna is stepping away from the vocal forefront and letting one of her close friends Little Dreamer take the wheel as she focuses on crafting her signature sound that's always chilling to the bone, yet still keeping you at peace with. "Since You Got On" sends you on a frozen journey through the seas of the Arctic oceans, struggling in the numbing tides. This demo is a clear representation that Anna is here to stay as one of Norway's leading indie artists on the rise. She's signed to Honey Moon shortly after releasing to the world her demo of "Sway", and we can only expect an EP from her hopefully before the year is out and many other great things as well. It's inevitable that Anna will numb you from the outside world with her Nordic blast of frigid pop.

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