Thursday, June 12, 2014

Can't Bear To Know

Last year GEMS became one of the hottest indie names on the rise with the release of their debut EP Medusa that took you too new heights with its dreamy, atmospheric sound. Just seven months later we are getting another taste of this D.C. duo with "Scars". From the very start of the track you're instantly shot into the stratosphere and left there to float between the varying states of warmth and coldness that create a blanket of stillness. The earth shattering bass-synths work their way up to you, slowly shaking your body in a state that only calms you further, hauling you deeper into your dreams with every listen. It leads back to that final moments where in the last ten seconds you find yourself drifting back into reality, only to realize you'll never feel the same way again. GEMS will have you caught in your dreams while living in reality.

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