Monday, June 30, 2014

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Meg Mac proved herself as a major player in the game of soul pop with her smooth yet powering single "Every Lie" that rocks your bones to the very core. Today, she's back with another slam dunk with "Roll Up Your Sleeves" that takes massive strides as becoming one of her greatest offerings vocally. The message of moving forward through the hard times and looking up to the sky is fused with her full on catchy classic pop hit sounds that get your body jamming out the her spunky voice that will be playing in your head for days to come. We called it once and we are going to call it again. Meg Mac = a major game changer that's here to stay. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

I Cannot Feel My Legs

The new it-girl on the rise Anna of the North is once again teasing us with more of her wondrous washings of icy nordic synths by dropping another demo. This time, Anna is stepping away from the vocal forefront and letting one of her close friends Little Dreamer take the wheel as she focuses on crafting her signature sound that's always chilling to the bone, yet still keeping you at peace with. "Since You Got On" sends you on a frozen journey through the seas of the Arctic oceans, struggling in the numbing tides. This demo is a clear representation that Anna is here to stay as one of Norway's leading indie artists on the rise. She's signed to Honey Moon shortly after releasing to the world her demo of "Sway", and we can only expect an EP from her hopefully before the year is out and many other great things as well. It's inevitable that Anna will numb you from the outside world with her Nordic blast of frigid pop.

A Man That Can't Be Saved

A few days ago a message showed up in our inbox with a soundcloud embed and the most direct question we've ever received, "Oblivious Pop worthy?" The flat out directness of this submission gave us a chuckle, but little did we know we were going to be listening to a new powerhouse band coming from the UK. Winters Island just dropped their debut EP "Welcome" and it's filled with surprises in all spectrums of color. Their track "Ares" definitely stood out to us above the rest as one that's showcases their purest sound and their best writing. The track is laced with Bastillelike hooks that paint the most vivid pictures in your mind as the roaring chorus kicks in and send your brain into a burning symphony of crushing guitars. This track will find a place nestled deep in your soul and will sit there burning away at your thoughts, leaving you craving more from this glorious bunch.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pull Me Away

David Harks had the world spinning with his Miike Snow sounding track "We" that he dropped about a month ago as part of four singles he's releasing over the summer months. The second of these four, "Illusion", dropped last week and it takes things into a psychedelic universe. David throws out some 70s glazed guitars riding on the highs of life getting lost in a hypnotizing array of twisting drums that will make you get lost in a hazy world of whitewashed colors. You'll feel like you're head is in the clouds on this one.

Keep Me From The Cages

We've been hot on the track of America's latest sweetheart Zella Day as she wowed us with her stunner of a track "Sweet Ophelia". Today, she's going full-on-storm with the approach of her NYC show at School Night! NYC this Monday with "East of Eden" that's a full on eruption of 90s pop star elements. The track is hot on the prowl of a full moon laced with Zella's decadent vocals sweeping you into the corners where shadows lurk in the dead of night. We've always been amazed at how Zella brings that sweet sunshine quality that makes her such a sweet girl, but underlying it all there's that deep darkened nightmare feel that puts you on the edge and sends you into a full on overdose of pop magic. Watch out because Zella Day is a pop tigress on the prowl to steal the throne.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wrap Myself In Thoughts Around Your Neck

Making their debut today is Black Honey with their soothing track "Sleep Forever" that's like a lullaby rocking you into a state of dreaming. Black Honey brings wildering guitars that remind us of Cathedral's darkened "Unbound" mixing with the hauntingly lucid vocals that flutter in the distance of a Lana Del Rey track. The chorus brings an undeniably catchy tune that will be humming throughout your dreams, pulling you deeper into the depths of your mind and grasping at the fantasy your heart desires. Black Honey is brings not just an phenomenal debut, but they bring a full-on listening experience with every second. Watch for them in the next year. Big things to come!

Save A Little For Me

Johnny Stimson has been catching eyes for a long time now, and yesterday there's no doubt that more heads are turning with his latest single "Sugar". This full on bubble-gum pop hit is laced with decadent candy-coated synths that melt into a fixture of 50s R&B jam. Hands down you'll find yourself on a sugar high after one listen, leading into a full on addiction of Johnny Stimson. Here's your daily dose of ear candy magic. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm So Full Up

Still staying strong on the UK pop scene is SLK with her debut EP Form that's full of hot intensity. Her track "Pour" is a definite stand-out moment with its subtle moments of decadence that launch into full on decay with the acidic synths powering in the chorus. SLK brings a dose of apocalypse to her sound with the midnight drums that pound through your chest. Let the darkened clouds roll in as the storm that is SLK swirls in the night like thunderheads on the horizon ready to bring the rains of a powerhouse pop act of tomorrow.

Want To Erase My Name

Back in January we introduced you to the mysterious London singer Island Fox with her experimental electronics that instantly launches you into the dead of a neon night. At long last we get the return of this singer's decadent FKA Twiglike vocals with "Carbon Flux". It's the subtle verses that float elegantly through the night that calm your body and soul, but when the chorus drops in all hell breaks loose and the night becomes an instante flash of multicolored lights with silicon synths. It's a cross between the calm of the storm and the agitation of the dead of night all fusing into a beautiful array of dust, wind, and fire leading to the ultimate finale that knocks you on your back gasping for air. It's a multi-emotional punch of pop to the face in all the right ways.

Give A Little Bit, Give A Little More

Back in February we brought to you the rising powerhouse that is Halsey from the producer Dylan Scott, and ever since there has been a constant flow of excellent band and artists flowing out of his studio. Today, we get yet another excellently produced and written piece by another band working with Dylan, Action Item. Hailing from New Jersey, this 4-piece band brings us their latest offering "We'll Be Fine" that the perfect fusion of addictive pop hooks, a rocking chorus, and synths that shine as bright as the morning sun. By the end of the track you'll find yourself singing along to the chorus as the track sticks to your brain and becomes one of the perfect songs to blast all through the summer months. Action Item delivered an summer anthem with this one.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Won't Fake The Fall

After over six months of waiting, EXROYALE returns to the pop scene with their second offering to the world, "Without It". Instantly going for their signature hooks from the start, EXROYALE will have you instantly singing along. It's a slow burner that keeps getting better as guitar soars behind the sky-high vocals and you get lost in the clouds looking down at the worth turning slowly below you you. It's a full on twist of a summer-hit that's worthy of being blasted out of your speakers all throughout the steamy days.

Love We're Making Is Cinematic

Back in February HUNTAR made his debut that literally had our minds going crazy and last week we finally got the long awaited second dose with "Naked Noises". With the warlike intensity rising instantly from the start, HUNTAR brings the buzz of a futuristic tribal drums that dive into the realm of St. Lucia. As the intensity continues to build you get the glimpse of IYESlike electronic-ghosts effects that burry themselves deeper into your skin, numbing your body with every pulse of electrifying waves. With each listen you'll find yourself becoming more numb to the outside world and find yourself quickly lost in the universe that HUNTAR crafts with his undeniably addicting tracks. Hold tight as you prepare for your new addiction.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In A Way I Remember

Dropping a proper debut all the way from Glasgow is Lilac Pin with "Easy". This band kicks things off in the simplest of ways with a rolling piano accompaniment over the washings of soulful vocals flowing downstream. The production picks up more layers as it twists and turns into a surges of synths. The finale comes at you like hard hitting rapids of frozen synths that fuse into an array of pounding beats and euphoric pianos. Lilac Pin delivered a full on thrust of lyrical genius and composition that has us holding on for more. Get washed away with Lilac Pin.

You Will Not Find Me

Just over a year ago Salt Cathedral came onto the pop music scene with their more indie rock infused debut "Take Me To The Sea" and slowly began their rise into the NYC music scene. Yesterday, Salt Cathedral released what might just be their best single yet, "Tease". With an instantaneous flux of pop infused hooks, we get the shimmering bells and synths that drop Salt Cathedral right into the middle ground of pop, while still incorporating their classic indie rock sound that was present in their early stages, especially with that trickling acid guitar solo. The pop elements flow effortlessly throughout the track like Us Baby Bear Bones, while infusing the darker electronics of what sounds like IYES. It's dark and haunting, yet still filling your body with life. You'll definitely get lost in Salt Cathedral's  luminescent ways on this one.

Shooting Signals For You

New York's newest pop icon EVVY popped onto the scene just about a month ago with her debut "Haze", and today this pop star on the rise is back with her second offering "Got Me Movin'" that's going to get your body movin'. The verse have that nice groove with the Mickey Valen house chords that push the track forward leaping into the full-on-power chorus that's going to lead you through the dark and into the shinning light that is EVVY. There's no need to search high and low because EVVY is clearly shooting signals that she is here to stay as a rising power in pop. She's that shooting star in the dead of night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In What Ever Purpose...

Brighton's Phoria has been causing quite the storm as they vamped up for the release of their Display EP that dropped yesterday. The latest track to be released off of it "Efforttobreathe" send you into a slow-motion sandstorm that swallows you whole sending you into a twisting and turning wash of black and white. The synths flux and flow in a calming yet high-intensifying agitation that leaves you gasping for air as you drown in the sands of time. You can get Phoria's Display on 10" vinyl now and also don't miss their Brighton launch show this Saturday, June 21st.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Something You Want To Explore

From the producer of X Priest X comes another synth infused duo from Florida by the name of Palmedo. Their latest track "Secret Lover" is drenched in lucid synths that wrap themselves around an 80s vibe while combining a total 2014 twist. It crafts itself under darker elements as water-washed street lights glisten off of the hard hitting beats backing up the entire track through the all the mystery and secrets lying below the surface. Before you even realize it you'll be falling head-over-heels for sunshine-state in the dead-of-night duo. Hands down, Palmedo is going to be your new pop affair.

Your Eyes Guide Me

There's a new duo Parisian duo Shawondasee that just made some waves in the vast oceans of electronic pop. There latest single "Gems of Pure Light" sends glimmering colors across the sky like a synth-infused wash of the northern lights show. Shawondasee blasts away the shadows of the night with every flux and flow of their big-build-up chorus that will get your body moving with every pulsing beat. Think Empire of the Sun meets MGMT with a hot flux of Ghost Beach edge. Get lost in the dark and have Shawondasee guide you back home with this golden track.

Never Say Never

As many of you know we aren't "pure-blood" New Yorkers here at Oblivious Pop and we aren't afraid to show that. We especially aren't afraid to say so when some great pop music surfaces from our home territory in the Midwest. Yesterday, Bora York did just that by shaking our bones with their latest summer, feel-good track "Let Loose" that's filled with funk to the highest degree. Reigning from the city that brought us Step Rockets, this Minneapolis husband-wife duo have really delivered a pop track that's laced with crystalline synths to chill you body as the chorus blasts in like a heavy heat wave. There's no doubt you'll be blasting and dancing to this track all through the summer months.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

We're Dying

Coming at you with a proper debut is Dublin trio Dear Desert with "Give It Up" that's a rush from the darkness. These guys paint a picturesque scene of hills drowning in rain and haunting clouds that twirl around the sky. As the track continues to move forward the powering chorus hits you strong with a simplistic quality to the composition that lets the vocals soar into the heavens above sending shivers down your back. Dear Desert will haunt your soul pulling on the darkness twisting inside, all while fighting against the blackened clouds to bring a brighter day. It's a mixing of rock qualities and electronics that perfectly brings all of your emotions to your mind. Dear Desert uses your emotions to paint a track that's noteworthy with its varying levels of emotions that will in fact have you listening over and over again.

Can't Bear To Know

Last year GEMS became one of the hottest indie names on the rise with the release of their debut EP Medusa that took you too new heights with its dreamy, atmospheric sound. Just seven months later we are getting another taste of this D.C. duo with "Scars". From the very start of the track you're instantly shot into the stratosphere and left there to float between the varying states of warmth and coldness that create a blanket of stillness. The earth shattering bass-synths work their way up to you, slowly shaking your body in a state that only calms you further, hauling you deeper into your dreams with every listen. It leads back to that final moments where in the last ten seconds you find yourself drifting back into reality, only to realize you'll never feel the same way again. GEMS will have you caught in your dreams while living in reality.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In Love With The Idea Of You

Riding in on the summer heat today is The Night VI with their latest, sizzling single "Wonderlust", that's definitely going to find its way onto your list of summer hits. Giving a little bit of a western twist, this team creates the perfect cross over of pop meets rock with their happy-go-lucky synths that transfixes you into a state of high volume happiness and those whiskey-laced guitars that twist and turn you into a grooving frenzy at your favorite bar spot. It's definitely got that vintage touch that makes it undeniably addictive, almost like this track should be blasting from a juke box in the corner for a busy saloon. So sit down, pour yourself another glass, and let The Night VI send you into a state of wonderlust with track.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

She's Never Coming Back

Nick Hakim had us swooning back in February over his "Pour Another", and today he's got us feeling all the feels with his latest release "Cold". The track starts off with his smooth guitars that sooth your soul with every strum as his heart-broken vocals emit the pain he's feel deep down in side. The track has that icy cold sadness of a lover gone forever from a breakup gone wrong. You can feel the emotion pour out of his body and into yours with every single note over this bluesy track. It's gloomy fire-power will have you playing it over and over again, unable to get enough. Nick recently did a Yours Truly session that gives you some amazing insight into how he crafts such emotional songs and gives you a bit of a rustic acoustic version of the track. Let Nick Hakim sooth your aching heart once more with this one. 

Don't You Worry

Way back in October of last year Mapei graced our pages with her slow-burning debut "Don't Wait" that quickly created a fire storm that has led to her being picked up as one of the hottest acts on the rise for 2014. Today, we finally get our second taste of Mapei with her single "Change". The track kicks things off right away with a pounding beat that gets your heart racing. This all leads up into the sky-soaring chorus that shouts to the heavens above and brings the message of hope for relief. Watch as Mapei lights up as a candle continues her rise to the top of the pack as one of the hottest acts to cross your path. Mapei is the game changer we've been waiting!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wanna Get Down With Me

Last week, we had to bid farewell to an era of monthly singles from Philly's Bel Heir. After delivering some phenomenal tracks over the past couple of months, Bel Heir has made the massive move to start work on their official debut single and album. With the end of this era, they give us a summer-sweet track, "Envy", that borders on the front of St. Lucia with its tropical washes of synths and sexy, aquatic sax that tops the track off. It pulls on touches of California-heated guitars mixing with their signature hooks that will get your head spinning. Bel Heir picked the perfect track to end their single a month campaign. It leaves us in a state where all we want is more, and we will remain patiently waiting for that massive debut that's destine to come from Bel Heir, hopefully before the years out.

Gonna Be Your Left Hand Man

Meet the newest addition to the electronic pop genre, Mylo Grey, with her cover of Vance Joy's "Riptide". Instantly filling you ears with icy synths from the very beginning, the vocals come floating in ever so lightly that you can't help but be immersed in a realm of R&B goodness. As the verse transitions into the chorus you get a full-on rush of wave-ridden synths that flux and flow through your veins washing away all of your worries. "Riptide" is off of Mylo Grey's debut EP that keeps that DIY vibe, similar to Lupa, throughout the entirety of it. It's brings that vibe that really showcases the true potential for Mylo Grey from the very beginning. "Riptide" brought and instant smile to our face with its simple yet filling sound that just hits all the right spots. There's no doubt that in due time Mylo Grey will hone her craft and continue to wow us with more amazing tunes that wash over our bodies like the waves crashing on the shores of a new day. Keep your eyes out for this one.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The World Isn't Crying

After going through a year with debut smash "All of the People" that never got old, Panama Wedding returns with a steamy summer hit "Uma" off of their debut EP Parallel Play on Glassnote this week. It's a track that races down the highway with its skidding synths riding you off into the multicolored flux of a hazy sunset. Panama Wedding had the hottest track of Summer 2013 and they might just have the hottest EP of Summer 2014. Could they get any hotter? Only time will tell as the heat wave that is Panama Wedding continues to heat up.

I Know You Feel Alone

It's full steam ahead for the San Francisco duo Cathedrals with their latest single "Want My Love" that's a steamy windstorm of luscious vocals and sultry synths rocking you slowly into a dreamy state of wonder. It a slow buildup to the final where Cathedrals brings in the soaring guitars that take you higher and higher until your flying high above the world. They blew us away last year with their debut "Unbound" that we instantly new there were big things in store for these two, and just about eight months later it's all coming true. Cathedrals is set to release their debut EP on Neon Gold Records later this year and its bound to be a major highlight of 2014 and far into the future of pop music. There's no doubt Cathedrals will win you over, if they haven't yet with "Unbound" and "Harlem", and find a special place on your list of new favorite bands to be playing all throughout the year.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Never Be Like You

Our favorite UK pop star on-the-rise Manou is back with yet another killer single that's going to rock your bones and keep you cruising through the summer months. "We Are" stays true to her signature sound of spacious, bubble-gum pop synths mixing with summer-time electric guitars. The chorus captures you with its hooks that bring you into a higher state of pop. Manou has delivered a hot track that's ready for you to cruise around town with the top down blasting this infectious summer pop hit. If you can't get enough of Manou after this track there no need to worry. She just announced her first London show at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on June 25. There's also a hot new video for "We Are" coming out hopefully very soon. Back in April when we were in London we hopped on over to the shoot and from what we saw this video is definitely one for the books with it's fierce Britney "...Baby One More Time" feel. It's definitely going to be one for the books. All we know is that "no matter what they say" Manou is here as a rising force in pop to be reckoned with.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Standing In A Timeless Dream

The newest Scandinavian songstress on the rise, Anna of the North, gives us a little treat today with a playful-pop cover of Donna Lewis's "I Love You Always Forever" all the way back from 1996. She blew us away with her demo "Sway", and her take on this 90s hit has us continuing our massive love for this girl of the north. The production is light and playful with its chiming synths. Anna's vocals have a brightness that shines through the clouds above and circles around your head. It's that bubble-gum pop meets ice princess track that will cool you down as the summer heat treks on.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pick Apart The Pieces You Left

We have no worries that Jack Garratt is setting himself up to be one of the hottest acts of 2014. With a single that instantly blew us out of the water with his signature powering choruses, he's back today with his third single, "Worry", in preparations for his debut EP Remnants out July 14th. "Worry" picks up exactly where he left us, with his powering soul-filled chorus that shouts to the heavens above. The verses are slick and smooth, making you swoon at every note up until the very point where the chorus bursts through and knocks you on your back in astonishment. It's the track that's going to leave no worries that Jack Garratt is here as a powering force in the indie game. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's The Little Things

Hot on the LA indie scene is the new 5-piece band Crescendo with their debut single "Gatsby". This band brings a hot flux of strumming indie guitars and galaxy-glistening synths creating a listening experience that sends you to the stars and back. It brings remnants of California pop gone intergalactic, in all the right ways. You'll be sipping a cosmic margarita on the sandy beaches as you soak up the sun feeling the nostalgia of summer radiate off of this hot track.