Monday, May 12, 2014

Waiting, Watching, Wishing, Praying

With a faint piano playing like a music box to your soul, a pounding synth-drum mixture hits you hard across the face leaving you awe struck at first listen to Skyes' latest track "Burnden" off of their self-titled EP. After amazing us back in February with their debut single "A Girl Named Jake", this Brooklyn band has literally sent us into an mixing pot of elegant pianos and hard hitting synths that swirl into a an angst-ridden world filled with wonder and mystery. What gets even better is when everything drops out for a calming half-a-minute that bursts into a Queenlike buildup that screams to the heavens above with epic proportions leading into a holy array of organs that fade into oblivion. Skyes have literally created an out of body experience with one listen. They've taken things to holy proportions, launching us beyond the stars and deep into the depths of galaxy far away.

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