Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm A Murderer

As per usual in pop music there's always the talk of Sweden and the powerhouse acts that come busting out on the scene like a wildfire ready to destroy anything in their path. Today, we take a step a bit further east from the land of the Swedes to Finland with a killer remix of Childish Gambino's "II. No Exit" by producer Willhelm that's hotter than fire. Clearly grasping some of his inspiration from a long list of artist we love, Willhelm does no wrong to this masterful track. Staying true to the dark sounds of the original, things kick off diving deep into the glitchy, nightmare sound of an IYES. Kicking in a bit for a few brief seconds, the track drops out leaving you in suspended synths floating through space until you're caught into the black hole of spinning Euro-pop influence that's dance floor ready. Willhelm is murdering us slowly with his infectious synths that are laced with all the right notes.

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