Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Always Be In Your Control

Allie X just might be one of the biggest names on the rise currently with two power house singles that grasped the very definition of pure pop excellence. Today, this Toronto girl is back with a third offering that's full on pop, yet pulls on the evident ties of her rocker chick past. Riding on an elegant and sultry beginning, Allie jumps into a distorted chorus that's infused with the power of an exploding sun. There's an absolute sense of an 80s galaxy pop theme behind the production that transfixes the listener into the fantasy world Allie X has crafted. It's a different taste of Allie X that we haven't experience until now, but the difference is just what is going to continue to excel her into being the game changer in pop music. There's no doubt that the reign of Allie X is going to continue and you're destine to be her bitch.

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