Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All They Really Want...

It's pretty obvious that there's a lot of love going out to Sizzy Rocket who's managed to win our hearts over as a major rocker chick in this overly bubble gummy pop world, and this love just keeps coming with yet another song by Sizzy herself. This time she has done a new spin off on the Beastie Boys' "Girls", turning into an anthem for girls everywhere for female empowerment. Flipping the lyrics around, Sizzy calls out society on its ridiculous standards of women throughout the world. Not only is this track on point with its empowering message, Sizzy's vocals are effortless and free and continue to showcase her pipes that could knock down walls with its soulful, rock style. Sizzy may be singing about how society just wants girls, but what we want is more Sizzy slaying at everything she does. YOU GO GIRL!

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