Saturday, May 31, 2014

You're A Superman Man

We've been quite the addicts of Powers ever since they dropped their debut single last fall. They had going insane over their show-stopper track "Money", and this week they dropped their first music video for the all-nighter track "Touch The World". The track itself has that agitating but addictive hooks that literally come off with no effort from these masterminds of pop. The video gives us a bit of a closer look at the two behind the name while they fuse in blood-rushing visuals that send you into a state of nicotine laced paradise. Powers brings that countdown to the final lift off where you're going to be jumping all over the dance floor blasting off up the sky and beyond. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is It Truth Or Dare?

There's something brewing in the Netherlands in the realm of pop that's going to get your blood rushing. Nick Klein is a new name you're going to want to get familiar with. With his cover of "Limit To Your Love" by Feist sending chills down your spin, you get a good taste of what Nick and producer Ferdous Dehzad have to offer. It's an icy fusion of crystalline synths glistening over glassy beats numbing your body as it washes over your soul. As the ice drenches your body and you reach a state of blood-rushing hypothermia you find yourself loving every second of this sultry track. It's that refreshing coolness you'll need as the summer heat rolls on in.

I'm Gonna Be Real

Carousel have been a favorite of ours for quite some time and with their latest release yesterday "My New Friend" we are going crazy over this slow-burning 80s influence track. Bringing a hot punch of subtle club-ready synth work in the background that's the thumping heart of the track, Carousel's lyrics flow with the melody creating a soundscape of smooth elegance that sparkles in the night sky. It's a track that will follow you deep into your dreams with all of its magical synth work. Carousel will keep your blood pumping all the way till the very end where the vintage 80s feel fades out into nothingness leaving you craving more.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It Was Love

A few weeks ago Wonderful Humans graced our pages with their debut single "Edge of the Night" that blew us away after the first listen. Today, they deliver their second single, "I Never Knew" that's a slow-burning hit. They stick with their mix of electric synths fluxing with hard hitting beats that create a perfect pop mix that radio-ready. It's an 80s love story exported into a perfected pop song that brings the stars of a summer nights and young love. Perhaps Wonderful Humans will prove to be your summer pop love.

Doesn't Really Have A Clue

Sweden's been hot as hell lately with the massive artists that have been coming from there. Last week brought yet another name you're going start seeing everywhere--Tove Styrke. Giving that fun grove and witty banter-like lyrics of The Ting Tings, this Swede drops a debut, "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You" that's gonna get your hips moving and your hands clapping. It's that summer track you're going to listen to over and over again just to get the lyrics right so you can blast it in the car and shout out every word. It's a fusion of electronics and playful twists that will find its way into being your choice of drug this summer.

Monday, May 26, 2014

You Know It's Over

Roaring in on a rush of M83 synth soundscapes comes Glasgow's The Wild Curve with their latest single "Warriors". Instantaneously fusing a Ghost Beach synth rocker sound over a Neon Indian loop, The Wild Curve rides the relaxed waves until they crash onto the shore with a pounding chorus with a Phoenixlike melody. Its a hot rush of burning synthetics melting into the hard concrete of rock elements that turns the heat up even higher with each listen. Turn that AC up at The Wild Curve blast the heat your way with this one.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

When The Gloves Are Off

Hailing from Brooklyn, Glassnote's Tor Miller comes at us with his latest single "Go" that's simplistic yet vocally and lyrically stunning. Staying true to his original sound of his bluesy voice with an accompanying piano, Tor Miller offers a track that gets your heart racing with every lyrical shot that hits your soul. Tor Miller will definitely be someone you're going to want to watch with his mix of Erik Hassle and Gavin Degraw fused with his own personal touch of classic soul. Give it a listen and watch as it hooks you in with all of its might. We don't want Tor Miller to go; we want him to stay and keep making us swoon with his perfect voice.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Doing This To Survive

Rolling in from Brighton, David Harks dropped his latest single "We" yesterday that's purely reminiscent of a 90s hit. With a powering Miike Snowlike chorus, David Harks drops essences of sparkling synths that rise and fall to the ground by the tossing of the brass infused wind. This track floats effortlessly through the air, twisting and turning through its bluesy lyrics. As your body aches to be alive, this track will send a rush of energy into your soul instilling a state of endless possibilities.

You Make Me Want To...

Meet two names from Australia, producer P.T. Parcel and singer Wayaway, who are going to blow your mind with their maiden voyage "Colour Wheel". These two recently started working together on their music, and well what came from this is pure excellence. Instantly filling your ears with a rush of aquatic synths, these two drop you into a state of weightlessness, floating mindlessly through the crashing waves of pounding beats. Wayaway's vocals come front and center with a lush and gentle touch that will have you hooked from the very first listen, sending you farther out to see where you'll find yourself entranced in a sea of wonder. Set sail with P.T. Parcel and Wayaway as they send you to new states of euphoria.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Keep Me Hanging On

Giving us some of their spellbinding music, Brooklyn brother-sister duo Paperwhite are back with their second single "Magic" that's extraordinary with its instant launch into an 80s whirlwind of otherworldly, St. Lucialike  synths. With lyrics centered on a young love and feeling that instant spark at first touch, Paperwhite capture us under their magnetic spell of hooks that send chills down your spine mixed with an instilling sense of happiness. It's an array of exuberant emotions filling your body to the highest level a song can possible bring. Paperwhite will capture you with their enchanting spell with "Magic".

Friday, May 16, 2014

I Don't Belong Here

IYES always picks the best tracks to add their touch to, and today is no different with their remix of Zella Day's "1965". Shifting Zella's sultry voice down into a haunting mix of dark colors, IYES adds a fusion of hypnotizing synths that stay true to their dizzying, cold-of-night, nightmare infused sound. IYES has done a full 180 degree flip on this track that's elegant and nostalgic, pulling out the darker elements from the depths below. There's no doubt you'll be hooked to being haunted by this fascinating remix.

Love Is All That's Left

Meet London's Allman Brown with the lead single "Ancient Light" off of his upcoming EP. With a very minimalistic beat keeping time off in the distance, as faint but peaceful synths swirl in the background of the rain washed lights. Allman's voice travels over rivers and mountains with its calming forging a path for the light of day to break into the dead of night. The track keeps its peaceful qualities throughout, until the light finally break through the thick darkness and busts into a powering array of Mumford & Sonslike brass. Allman Brown takes you on journey throughout time with this track and instills an  everlasting sense of peace with the world.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Like We're Dancing In A Big City Club

With some banging beats and a melodic steal drum synths, Tennessee 8-piece band EL EL come racing onto the scene with their debut single "40 Watt". EL EL craft this vintage vocal sound that's smooth and flowing in the verses over the trickling synths that twist and turn into a powerhouse chorus that's Vampire Weekendlike hook after hook. It's a track that's small enough to dance to in your bedroom, but big enough that it will instantly make you feel like you're on the dance floor busting those moves out to ELEL's sticky yet smooth beats. Flicker those lights and get ready to elegantly rage with EL EL.

Never Got A Ring

Pulling back on the full-band production, The Night VI have released an acoustic version of their latest single "Sienna" that presents the song with a whole new level. The stripped back set has come full circle by allowing for the emotion of the lyrics to come to the forefront and grasp at every feeling in your body of the heartbreak pouring out of your headphones. It's a phenomenal thing when a band like this can take a different approach to their song and pull in a rushing river of emotions crashing over your body with gentleness at the forefront, but a powering influx of sadness and despair deep below the surface. It's a roller coaster of acoustic emotions that race around your mind leaving you speechless and in awe.

Take The Night For You

What once was a solo bedroom project by Chris Hanna has now turned into a duo project with the combination of the sultry vocals of Gemma Dunleavy called UNKNWN. With heavy yet light-as-a-feather production on their latest release "BBY", the beats fall to the ground like rain drops hitting concrete mixing with waves of mystic synths. Gemma's vocals echo in the distance filling the darkness with colors of light that grow brighter and slowly dim back into the dark of night. UNKNWN craft a sound that's entranced in a darker sounding time, allowing for it to haunt your soul and fill your body with an influx of entrancing emotions.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Got Me Where You Want Me

Three months ago Jess Glynne won us over with her single "Home" that was the perfect track for the end of a hectic work day. Today, she's back with a sexy, dance-floor-bass infused track, "Right Here", that's reminiscent of the "Mr. Saxobeat" days while channeling a full on electro, Disclosurelike production. It's hot and steamy, prepping you for a summer filled with late nights and flashing city lights. It's this track that instantly launching Jess into diva status with this supreme chorus that hits you in the right spots of your mind.

A Ghost In The City Lights

Meet NYC pop/rockers Young Rising Sons with their massive debut single "High". The track is young and carefree, emitting that butterfly feeling when you see the city skyline at night and know the night to come is going to be filled with fun and adventure. With a chorus that just keeps taking you higher and higher there's no doubt you'll be floating on cloud 9. A super plus is member Dylan Scott is the producer behind two our of favorites Halsey and Wonderful Humans. With the credentials already piling high there's no doubt this band knows how to write a hit. Buckle up as Young Rising Sons blast off and takes you far beyond the stars on this one.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Lipstick On Your Cigarette

Starting off with some instant 80s throwback synths, we get lost in the debut of NYC band Wonderful Humans, "Edge Of The Night". This three-piece band comes from music backgrounds already, allowing them to instantly take their backgrounds and craft a powerhouse pop hit thats got hints of a subtle indie rocker vibe. The verses are vividly slick, picturesque of a crazy night out while the chorus channels those powering pop hit hooks that transcends you back into a youthful state of late nights and young love. Wonderful Humans will take you deep into the night with this debut worth adding to your summer playlist, ready to blast all night long.

Crop Circles In Your Carpet

Bringing us a second single, "Closer", thats riding on an icy cold beat filled with desire and despair, JMR has our heads melting with his thick acid synths. With an instant flair of soul in his voice, JMR drops in his signature mix of electronss that stir your restless bones. With each chorus, another layer is added diving deeper into the levels of love and sex. It's a mixing pot of distorted perfection at its finest that fucks your mind with every drop of emotion. Get upfront and person with JMR on this track.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Waiting, Watching, Wishing, Praying

With a faint piano playing like a music box to your soul, a pounding synth-drum mixture hits you hard across the face leaving you awe struck at first listen to Skyes' latest track "Burnden" off of their self-titled EP. After amazing us back in February with their debut single "A Girl Named Jake", this Brooklyn band has literally sent us into an mixing pot of elegant pianos and hard hitting synths that swirl into a an angst-ridden world filled with wonder and mystery. What gets even better is when everything drops out for a calming half-a-minute that bursts into a Queenlike buildup that screams to the heavens above with epic proportions leading into a holy array of organs that fade into oblivion. Skyes have literally created an out of body experience with one listen. They've taken things to holy proportions, launching us beyond the stars and deep into the depths of galaxy far away.

All She Wants Is You

Meet the UK's newest indie rockers Bklyn. with their debut single "Ashleigh". Starting off with some exuberant guitars racing forward towards a flux of pop perfected choruses, Bklyn. captures with their classic indie rocker status in a perfected form of catchy lyrics that stick in the back of your mind. It's definitely a debut that shows the potential this group has to write an excellent track, and there's no doubt that there's something good brewing here with them. It's definitely a track for the open road ahead filling you with hope and wonder of what the future holds.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Take When I Need

Claudia Kane left us speechless when we came across her fierce single "Darling Is Not My Name" about a week ago that sent shivers down our spines with its haunting buildup. Continuing with her haunting spree, Claudia gives us "Hungry" that continues to build upon an anticipation of something lurking in the darkness with its subtle production that sends her voice echoing to the forefront spinning your mind into circles. Claudia sings "I'll haunt you in the night" and that's exactly what she does as her track comes in as a gentle breeze blowing through before the storm to come arrives. Claudia Kane will grasp you and steal you from your mind with her hypnotizing melodies.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Only Face I Know

Frenship does this thing where they keep releasing music and we keep loving it more and more. Taking a step away from their dance floor-ready hit "Kids", these guys bring a feel good song, "Morrison", that's cruising cross-country withs its thumping bass and its carefree lyrics. The track thumps till it reaches the point where all things drop out and the big signature buildup into the final chorus rises far beyond the horizon into the land of a banging summer indie hits you'll have on repeat all summer long. Speed off into the sunset, hands in the air, and Frenship blasting loud on your stereo.

Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm Your Reoccuring Dream

It seems like Machineheart has instantly become a hit among all indie pop lovers everywhere with their last springy single "Circles". Yesterday, Machineheart made it known that they are here to stay with yet another pop perfected track, "Another Me". Singing how there is no one like them, Machineheart rides on some bouncy waves filled with a miraculous combination of electronics that perfectly balance with the strumming guitars of yesteryear that channels a happier Little Daylight. "Another Me" is basically feels like a 2000s hit that somehow made its way to 2014 and will forever be holding strong. Definitely a track thats been crafted exactly to be played on radio airwaves as a reoccurring dream we will never get tired of.

I'll Be There For You

Ever since dropping their debut single about six months ago, we've been keeping our eyes on Magnetic Clouds. Yesterday, this Warsaw duo released their latest single "Push Play" that exceeded all of our expectations and sent us into a state of euphoria. What we love most about this track is the classic pop approach that was done to the production, allowing for the vocal hooks to encompass you into an array of fluttering colors. It's pop music at its finest as you become entranced with every second of such a awe striking song. Get ready and push play.

I Wanna Fly

Rumor has it Bel Heir has just finalized a deal with major, but that hasn't sent them into hiding quite yet to start busting out an EP or album. This week they dropped "Out of Our Heads", which surfaces once again into the potential of being a pretty solid pop hit. Circling around the melting synths that trickle down on the hard hitting bass, the chorus smoothly dances on top of the production with care and ease. Things pick up a bit in the final chorus, when the drums start banging and the final call becomes a sky soaring guitar solo. It's that final touch that sends our minds running.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shut Up! Save The Blues

If the writers of Mean Girls were to team up with the Beach Boys and write a song, it would sound exactly like what London's Bang Bang Bang has done with her latest single "Shake Shake Shimmy". Bringing the essence of a Sky Ferreira's rocker chick vibes, the lyrics surf circles around the sunshine infused guitars. Bang Bang Bang has got that pouty girl attitude that definitely bring her into your guilty pleasure. It's like sipping a pina colada on the beach in the 80s retro heat. Lay back and enjoy Bang Bang Bang as she brightens your day with her bluesy, sun-filled melodies.

Lifestyle of the Sick & Shameless

Leon Else caught our attention last year when he released his debut single "Protocol" that washed us over with his gold voice and today, his much anticipated second release is out. Taking a more classic pop approach to his sound, "River Full of Liquor" still thrives with his sultry vocals that grasp every note of the piano flowing into a streamline powerhouse chorus that's filled with hook after hook. It's quite obvious that music come naturally for Leon Else. He's got everything going for him to bust out as a major name in the R&B/Pop game. Wash yourself clean with the rush from this track.

I'm A Murderer

As per usual in pop music there's always the talk of Sweden and the powerhouse acts that come busting out on the scene like a wildfire ready to destroy anything in their path. Today, we take a step a bit further east from the land of the Swedes to Finland with a killer remix of Childish Gambino's "II. No Exit" by producer Willhelm that's hotter than fire. Clearly grasping some of his inspiration from a long list of artist we love, Willhelm does no wrong to this masterful track. Staying true to the dark sounds of the original, things kick off diving deep into the glitchy, nightmare sound of an IYES. Kicking in a bit for a few brief seconds, the track drops out leaving you in suspended synths floating through space until you're caught into the black hole of spinning Euro-pop influence that's dance floor ready. Willhelm is murdering us slowly with his infectious synths that are laced with all the right notes.

Do Somethin' You Might Regret

After coming off of a major debut single, Sweden's Seinabo Sey is back with a pounding return with "Hard Time". Like a storm rolling in, Seinabo Sey drops an Adele like hook that pounds into lyrical verse that are soulful in the sense of Mapeilike rhymes. The production that Seinabo's vocals glide over brings the darkest of colors and mixes them into the bright of day like a storm rolling in on the horizon. Finding yourself lost in this storm is something you won't regret as Seinabo twists and turns you into a dizzying array of pop crystals. One listen and the hard times will drift away into oblivion.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All They Really Want...

It's pretty obvious that there's a lot of love going out to Sizzy Rocket who's managed to win our hearts over as a major rocker chick in this overly bubble gummy pop world, and this love just keeps coming with yet another song by Sizzy herself. This time she has done a new spin off on the Beastie Boys' "Girls", turning into an anthem for girls everywhere for female empowerment. Flipping the lyrics around, Sizzy calls out society on its ridiculous standards of women throughout the world. Not only is this track on point with its empowering message, Sizzy's vocals are effortless and free and continue to showcase her pipes that could knock down walls with its soulful, rock style. Sizzy may be singing about how society just wants girls, but what we want is more Sizzy slaying at everything she does. YOU GO GIRL!

I'm Hard To Fall In Love With

There's no excuse to say that you don't have the time to sit down and listen to Ekkah's latest single "Figure It Out". Bringing the futuristic funk, Ekkah spits out a sass coated lyrics that take a cruise down a dimmed lit highway of 70s grooving guitar. The vocals chime in a realm of Sarah Leo perfection leading into a slick ride to an unforgettable track. Soon enough you'll figure it out that Ekkah is the real deal.

I'm Living Off Nothing

Racing Glaciers have been one of the biggest names on the rise for indie rock this year. After starting things off back in January with "New Country", a track that instantly had all the right names looking their way, these guys are back with "First Light" off of their upcoming EP Don't Wait For Me. Staying true to their original sound, these guys bring an arena ready track that's fueled by its tasteful The Killerslike lyrics that resonate with all of your emotions. The track's distinction is the Beirut horns that burst into a roaring guitar solo that shatters the atmospheric energy instilled in every second of this track to the final drop out where you are left in an emotional state of breathless wonder.

Always Be In Your Control

Allie X just might be one of the biggest names on the rise currently with two power house singles that grasped the very definition of pure pop excellence. Today, this Toronto girl is back with a third offering that's full on pop, yet pulls on the evident ties of her rocker chick past. Riding on an elegant and sultry beginning, Allie jumps into a distorted chorus that's infused with the power of an exploding sun. There's an absolute sense of an 80s galaxy pop theme behind the production that transfixes the listener into the fantasy world Allie X has crafted. It's a different taste of Allie X that we haven't experience until now, but the difference is just what is going to continue to excel her into being the game changer in pop music. There's no doubt that the reign of Allie X is going to continue and you're destine to be her bitch.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Struggling Against The City Lights

Meet London's newest vocalist Bry with her debut single "Night Flights" that feels like a soundtrack from the heavens above. Bry comes down from the night sky, like drops of starlight raining from the sky above and gently surrounding you in an ocean of golden stringlike synths. Bry literally has crafted the perfect track to soundtrack star gazing with its glistening aspects that are ever so subtle and buried deep in the always-present darkness of night. Close your eyes and float through the night with this shimmering debut from Bry.

All We Got Is Now

Meet the UK's newest indie pop artists J.Tropic as he brings the heat with his debut single "Love Up" that's sure to bring you into a land of tropical delight. Building on a early 90s R&B influence, J.Tropic brings the energy of TLC mixing effortlessly with the current state of electronic pop to create a track that's got that feel-good fuse you need in your day. It's a proper debut by an artists that has delivered something so effortless that we are going crazy over. We'll be listening to this by the pool all summer long as it lights things up with a hot fusion of pop perfection.

I Just Wanna Feel

Last week IYES released a demo to their track "Toys" and its just a continuation of how wonderful this duo executes dark pop that feels like it's been extracted from the depths of your nightmares. With their haunting surge of synth waves, IYES brings lucid verses that dance like holograms on your ceiling leading into gloomy metaphors in the chorus that drip off the walls and begin to fill the room drowning you into an opaque sea of your dimmest dreams. One listen and your body will turn numb from this out of body experience IYES brings with such a depth defying track.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Feel You In My Blood Stream

London indie rockers Escapists are back with a second offering worth going crazy about. Sticking with their almost Kings of Leon sound, "Blood" brings an arena like single that's reminiscent of summer concerts with arena lights and the humidity sticking to your skin. Their sound is dirty yet pristine in every way. Escapists' sound is so versatile with its classic rock nostalgia almost like they were transplanted from the 90s rock scene. What is something so common back in the old day of the indie scene has recently been fading away, but Escapists bring back the glorious guitars that drive the track into being one of the hottest tracks leading into the summer season. Get to know Escapists because these guys are rock stars!