Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where It Is You'd Rather Be

What might just be one of the biggest mystery acts that have been on our radar ever since dropping a debut back in October that blew things out of the sky is back with a third offering "Meavy Hetal". Taking things into a somewhat 360 degree turn, Blood Cultures drops away the heavy electronics for a more subtle and calm spring feeling song. Driven by a calming cruise of a guitar, Blood Cultures voice mixes through the fuzzy synths that instill a lightness throughout the entire track bringing a bit of nostalgia to their sound. At this point, we honestly don't care who it is behind the name of Blood Cultures. All we care about is that he or they keep doing what they are doing. Their music speaks for itself and that's all that matters. Definitely the game changers of indie music of 2014.

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