Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Killing Me

Resonating somewhere between a realm of a Kimbralike vocals and a powering dance/pop production comes Claudia Kane hailing from London town with her latest single "Darling Is Not My Name". She starts things off just right, showcasing her vocals as a hook from the very start. The piano slowly begins to pick up and before you know you're being washed over by the thumping production that's borderline club hit. As the production picks up you feel her pain and anger rise in the underlying fierceness . After vamping things to the sky, the production drops out for a few seconds down the mere basics to remind you just how powerful yet subtle Claudia's voice is. As you find yourself melting into the pleasantry of this calmness, things pick back up again for one last call and you're blown back by just how wonderful this Londoner crafters her music. Claudia Kane is a true diamond buried deep in the rough. With having three fantastic works already up on her soundcloud and only about 500 listens, there's no doubt that once word gets out, Claudia is going to blow up. Get ready because you're gonna be hooked.

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