Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Know We're Gonna Shine...

Beaming down from the galaxies above is Ayer after leaving us craving more with his release of "Young" back in January. His latest intergalactic anthem "Black Diamond" came just in time, feeding our every need. Bursting into a whole new galaxy, Ayer starts things off with cosmic synths that oscillate around pop laced lyrics. Ayer combines a new-decade sound while giving us a blast from the past of a Euro-pop throwback AQUA-anthem chorus. Things  when the triumphant spacey horn section comes in launching you into the final call of glittering comets. Ayer has done it again. He's taken us on a journey making himself a true black diamond among all things pop. There's no doubt you'll be holding on to this one throughout your entire cosmic summer.

1 comment:

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