Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fight For The Heat Of Summer

Nieves has won our hearts over with just one listen to their debut single "Winter" that dropped today. It pulled at our hearts and made us find ourselves weeping at the beauty behind this track about a relationship falling apart and coming to its final end. Nieves uses the most vivid metaphors of the changing of season to grasp your emotions as this Glasgow duo spills their hearts out over the simplicity of a strumming guitars and a glistening piano. Nieves have found the perfect way to win us over and with this debut track you'll be finding yourself listening over and over again through the good times and bad to this lovely song about an experience we've all had in our lives. With all relationships there is the chance for it to come to an end, but for Nieves it is just the beginning of their rise as songwriters you'll grow to know.

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