Monday, April 28, 2014

Drown Me In The Sea

Rushing back in after a major debut single back in February, Jack Garratt brings a tidal wave of soul with "Water". Jack Garratt starts off with a rustic sound only fitting for a sandy ridden bar in the west with a bluesy track playing off of a vinyl. When the chorus kicks in a deep wubbing pounds at your ears, only giving the sense of waves crashing upon your body, pulling you deeper into this excellently executed track that Jack Garratt is becoming so well known for. With each listen you find yourself sinking deeper into the flooding waters as his aquatic production cools you down from the dry heat. There's talk of an EP dropping soon, which only means you'll find yourself sinking deeper into the Jack Garratt's smooth soul driven songs that are irresistible in every sense.

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