Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Think You Can Leave

Meet Sheila Lord, another Londoner who is bringing justice to pop music. Sheila's music is beautifully executed, giving the right support from the overall production to allow for her emotions to run wild even in the softest of moments. Her latest release "How Dare You" dives into a realm of a Leona Lewislike production that focuses on the basics of pop with its minimal use of electronic effects. Her voice sways effortlessly over the clouds of a night sky lifting you to the starriness of the glistening piano. The heartbroken emotions instilled in her music is evident, chilling you to the very core of existence. Prepare yourself to be immersed into the stories Sheila Lord puts you in with her music. You'll find your emotions running wild after just one listen.

Killing Me

Resonating somewhere between a realm of a Kimbralike vocals and a powering dance/pop production comes Claudia Kane hailing from London town with her latest single "Darling Is Not My Name". She starts things off just right, showcasing her vocals as a hook from the very start. The piano slowly begins to pick up and before you know you're being washed over by the thumping production that's borderline club hit. As the production picks up you feel her pain and anger rise in the underlying fierceness . After vamping things to the sky, the production drops out for a few seconds down the mere basics to remind you just how powerful yet subtle Claudia's voice is. As you find yourself melting into the pleasantry of this calmness, things pick back up again for one last call and you're blown back by just how wonderful this Londoner crafters her music. Claudia Kane is a true diamond buried deep in the rough. With having three fantastic works already up on her soundcloud and only about 500 listens, there's no doubt that once word gets out, Claudia is going to blow up. Get ready because you're gonna be hooked.

Left You Wondering....

Gold Spectacle hopped into the indie pop scene earlier this year with an acoustic guitar driven debut that blew us away, and today, after spending some time in the pop gold minds of Norway, Gold Spectacles is back with "What We Might Have Been". Take major steps since their debut, Gold Spectacles bring a sweet-hearted feel to their music staying true to their original folk ties. There's a vintage touch the vocals that resonates with a 70s swedish pop aspects. We're just going to let our hearts swoon as Gold Spectacles continue to wow us!

Exactly What The Doc Prescribed

Here at Oblivious Pop we are proud supporters of procrastination (not really...well kinda), especially when that procrastination comes from listening to a catchy pop track only fitting for the final exams approaching. New York band Hey Day bring us two minutes and 30 seconds of pure catchiness in their latest release "Adderall". Just slightly touching into an indie rock front, these guys dive head first into a pool of pure pop as they lace their chorus with addictive hooks that you'll find flowing through your head as you escape studying by going into a daydream world. Just do it now and dub this the track the one that will get you through finals week. Just push the books aside and daydream about the summer that's just around the corner.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Where It Is You'd Rather Be

What might just be one of the biggest mystery acts that have been on our radar ever since dropping a debut back in October that blew things out of the sky is back with a third offering "Meavy Hetal". Taking things into a somewhat 360 degree turn, Blood Cultures drops away the heavy electronics for a more subtle and calm spring feeling song. Driven by a calming cruise of a guitar, Blood Cultures voice mixes through the fuzzy synths that instill a lightness throughout the entire track bringing a bit of nostalgia to their sound. At this point, we honestly don't care who it is behind the name of Blood Cultures. All we care about is that he or they keep doing what they are doing. Their music speaks for itself and that's all that matters. Definitely the game changers of indie music of 2014.

Lions Eyes

Watching from a distance is NYC artist that goes by the name of Locke, and they are finally coming in for the kill with a debut single "We Are The Prey". Working in on the electropop experimental side of things, Locke brings a sultry and mysterious sound that echoes with the trickling electronics of Hoodlem. Locke sends you into a lucid nightmare of the hunt, and you are prey. There's agitation and fear immersed in their sound, yet through all of this you'll keep listening until Locke's music has hunted you down, and you are the victim of experimental pop at its finest.

Running, Running Circles

Ladies and gentlemen, meet New York's new sweetheart EVVY with her debut single, "Haze", that's as strong as we could ask for. Building a track centered around pounding drums bouncing off the icy mountains, EVVY brings her sweet melodic voice that shifts you to a euphoric state of mind. The overall mix of every aspect of this single pulls out the true talent and heart that EVVY brings to her music. Her lyrics flow from the mind like they are made to be sung out loud. Prepared to be captured by this spell binding debut that EVVY brings, because there's no remedy at this point.

Le'ts Waste Time Together

No time listening to Hoodlem will ever be considered time wasted, especially when they drop a slick track called "IGOTU" today that's on point. Taking some enormous steps since their first release last year, Hoodlem has crafted their own unique sound that's borderline industrial yet so much smoother like a liquid gasoline ready to ignite. "IGOTU" basically feels like a 90s hit that gotten lost in time and has finally surfaced from the depths of the space time continuum in 2014 ready to be blasted in clubs across Europe with its electropop goodness. Hands down, we are happy we got Hoodlem to bust out the hits.

Don't Cha Feel The Same

Last month Raury made quite some noise with his debut single "God's Whisper" along side a excellent video. Today, Raury is back with something a big more chill yet equally as warm with his track "Sunshine". Spinning a singing chorus featuring a new artist Ari (keep your eyes out for her), Raury launches into a space ridden synth fusion of calmness mixed with pieces of agitation. Raury showcases his ability to drop some slick rhymes and his ability to create a beautiful melody in this track. Take off into the sun with Raury in this cosmic laced track that will be sure to bring some sun rays into your life.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ungrateful To My Brother

Philly's Power Animal is back with a power-hungry single that resonates with a dark twisted night filled with blurs of sharpness. "Unkept" begins with a glitchy yet subtle mix that let's the lyrics run off like a confession from the cobweb covered depths of the mind. Things pick up into a labyrinth as more layers are added, burying you deeper into the darkest parts of the track. The track is like a confession. It pulls at all of your anxieties with one listen, hauling you deeper into the uncharted maps of your twisted mind.

Little Bit of Flame In My Heart

Last week Cheerleader set fire to a major hit with their latest single "Perfect Vision". This Philadelphia band rides on the border of delivering a chill rock song that's filled with energy and rocking guitars that makes your body scream to dance. The anthem-like synths pull on the suns heat, only making things hotter as you feel the perfect indie rock vibes flow off of this track. Cheerleaders one of those bands that has perfectly executed the drop of a summer hit in the makings. Come June you'll be adding this to your summer playlist as you chill by the pool or cruise with the convertible top down.

Drown Me In The Sea

Rushing back in after a major debut single back in February, Jack Garratt brings a tidal wave of soul with "Water". Jack Garratt starts off with a rustic sound only fitting for a sandy ridden bar in the west with a bluesy track playing off of a vinyl. When the chorus kicks in a deep wubbing pounds at your ears, only giving the sense of waves crashing upon your body, pulling you deeper into this excellently executed track that Jack Garratt is becoming so well known for. With each listen you find yourself sinking deeper into the flooding waters as his aquatic production cools you down from the dry heat. There's talk of an EP dropping soon, which only means you'll find yourself sinking deeper into the Jack Garratt's smooth soul driven songs that are irresistible in every sense.

If I Didn't Know Better

We've been keeping our eye on Ji Nilsson ever since Marlene ∞, her songwriter in crime, dropped "Bon Voyage". Ji Nilsson has been making an effort now to launch into her own solo career with some pop laced releases that already have been a true testament to her songwriting talent. Last week, we got another soaring song, "Heartbreakfree", that rains down from the chilling sky and onto your soul with its icy Swedish pop elements. Ji's lyrics have a simple feeling to them, but it let's her voice shine and let's the meaning sink into your heart. Ji Nilsson is absolutely going to be one to watch in the coming year, since there's no doubt she's going to continue her reign of songwriting expertise with other artists and with her own work.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Move Away From Me Darling

Hailing from the cold Scandinavian north is Anna of the North with her slow-burning "Sway" that won't have you moving away from her any time soon. Coming in with an instantaneous Arctic freeze, Anna combines her distant but beautiful voice with the electronic heat of New Zealand producer Brady Daniell-Smith that creates this melancholy middle ground where ice meets fire, and all is peaceful. With this being just one of the first tastes we get of Anna, with her first release being dropped a few months ago, we can't wait to hear a full studio version of these tracks and to hear what else she has brewing. Anna will be one to keep your eye on because when fire meets ice there usually is a storm...and we are full prepared to experience her wintery furry.

Feels Like A Tainted Star

Cousin Matt does everything with their music to make us feel oh-so-good no matter if the meaning behind the track is happy or sad, and with "Second Heart" we are feeling beyond wonderful. Hailing from both Brooklyn and Atlanta, this duo crafts a soft yet filled to the rim with soul filled track. Grasping the experimental vibes of Brooklyn, Cousin Matt adds this full-on R&B mix that'll get you up and moving about your day with the biggest smile. With a beat so infectious, lyrics true to the heart, and that factor that instills happiness you'll be hooked on Cousin Matt in every way possible. Listen below and prepare to be sent into your most wonderful state ever.

I Know We're Gonna Shine...

Beaming down from the galaxies above is Ayer after leaving us craving more with his release of "Young" back in January. His latest intergalactic anthem "Black Diamond" came just in time, feeding our every need. Bursting into a whole new galaxy, Ayer starts things off with cosmic synths that oscillate around pop laced lyrics. Ayer combines a new-decade sound while giving us a blast from the past of a Euro-pop throwback AQUA-anthem chorus. Things  when the triumphant spacey horn section comes in launching you into the final call of glittering comets. Ayer has done it again. He's taken us on a journey making himself a true black diamond among all things pop. There's no doubt you'll be holding on to this one throughout your entire cosmic summer.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Looking For A Body... Not A Soul

King Avriel has been on our radar for quite some with a stunning video for her song "Freedom" behind her and a few other tracks that capture her own unique R&B sound. This week she is launching her new project with "Caricatures" that embarks on a journey as she vividly takes an elegant stance to explain her troubles. This track is one of those that has that underlying buildup that isn't straight forward, but the anticipation for something big to happens keeps you hooked to the very end. Once the track ends you catch yourself entranced in her voice as it continues to dance around the room in its hypnotic ways. It's truly magical how much King Avriel has that ability to keep you locked in on her every move with this song.

Already Sinking Into You

Communion is in session. RKCB is  ready to take your empty body and fill it with all of the emotions with one handful of drenching soulful synths with their second release "Baptize". As the aqua drops land upon your skin you're instantly washed into the dark ocean and RKCB toss you around in a world of amazement with haunting IYESlike lyrics. This LA producer & singer duo is ranking high in our likes, winning all of our love with a single track. Words cannot even describe how much we are won over. Watch as they wash upon your playlist as they take things to holy proportions.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Made That Poison For Me

There's no doubt that Philly friends Worshyper have been that soulful outfit that fills our hearts with joy every time we get a listen to their lush songs, and today, the piece to fill that void was returned with their latest single "Got Your Back". Worshyper crafts a tasteful poison with such a warm-hearted feeling track that's driven by light angelic synths. This trio delivers a track that makes for a indulgent dose of 80s R&B that gives you that calming high you need in the middle of your day. With a band this good you're bond to always have a smile on your face from the emotion they infuse into their music.

Lately I Feel So Lazy

Washing ashore after this holiday weekend is Paper Boats with their latest single "Holidays" that brings all of the tropical bliss you're body's been aching for as you prep for the steamy summer just around the corner. Giving us the playful energy of Fickle Friends, these guys add a dash of The Cure to create the perfect soundtrack to cruising through the ocean breeze as the sun glares off of your sunglasses. Paper Boats have crafted the perfect nectar of a summer-squeezed sun kiss that you'll be sipping on it all summer long, through all of your holiday fun in the golden sun.

Prophecy Of What's To Unfold

SLK hit the pop scene earlier this year with a bang after two major releases, and today she brings a nuclear bomb with her latest single "Call" that brings her Jessie J angst and mixes it with a touch of some oh-so-sweet Adele. Things start of hot to the touch with rhythmic keys that pound to the beat leading into the nuclear drums; the verses jump right into the apocalyptic chant that spins around in your head throughout your darkened days.  SLK's big Adele moment comes when every inch of the production drops out and its just her and the piano with a lingering sense of the finale that's to come moments later. Watch out as SLK wipes the slate clean with such a paramount track.

Memory Of You Is Blurry-eyed

Electronic pop at its finest has finally returned with One Bit's latest single "Not About You". One Bit kicks things off once again with their glacier synths fusing with vocals that are chilling as an arctic tide. The verses liquify instantaneously washing over your body up until the chorus drops in, and there's an instantaneous freeze as the beats fall to the ground and shatter into ice crystals. This track is so ice cold you'll know for a fact that this song isn't about you, but you'll know its made out to be your Saturday night, tell-him-off jam.

I'm Gonna Start To Run

Coming off the high of a major release, Cash+David returns to our pages with yet another indie rock infused hit, "Pulse", that adds a powering dance aspect. Combining a almost dance music feel, Cash+David drop a unique design of middle eastern influence on the chorus of this track. The vocals are light and fluid like NONONO laced in golden waterfalls of rock guitars. It's songs like these that make us smile, and it is with this we know Cash+David are going to have the potential to break out of being just a buzz band and into a being a game changers in the world of indie pop.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Sea Beyond Sky

When listening to Lists, the UK's newest indie artists on the scene, we are instantly taken back to time-washed pictures taken years ago in our childhood hung up on the walls of today as a symbol of the past. This all being said, Lists delivers a sense nostalgia in all of his music. After coming off of his debut single "Autumn" earlier this year, we get another taste of his breathtaking work. "Veil" comes at us with the softness of a Novo Amor track, pulling on all the right heart strings, while the vocals grasp at bits of Radiohead. Set sail on the clouds into the sunset on the horizon as Lists takes you deep into a land beyond the sun.

Caught In The Traps

Back in September we covered the super awesome Betty Who show in NYC where not only did our love for her grew, we got to hear some awesome tunes by a band known as Future Screens. Months later, we don't have a song by Future Screens, but by a band named Brain Tan. Brain Tan is Future Screens, just with a different name and revamped. Either way, we are more than happy to know these guys are delivering more music. There new song "Relapse" is a powerhouse of synth pop at its finest. Building on a foundation that's like Neon Indian, these bring a powering chorus that will be relapsing through your head until the day is done. Brain Tan is like a drug we've tasted once, and one we are happy to experience a relapse of again.

One Last Touch

It has been a long two months since PLOY gave us some new music, and today we get a track that's perfect for the spring warm leading into summer heat. PLOY kicks things off with transparent synths that foam at the shores of a crystalized beach. Things pick up when the funk bass hops on in and leads into the chorus where the heat turns up full blast creating a picturesque summer day at the beach with the sun reflecting off of some neon shades. PLOY will lead you through your summer to the point where you're craving that one last touch of long summer days.

Put It In Like A Cassette

Badass New York girl Sizzy Rocket is once again fueling your grunge pop addiction with yet another track that's filled with some sticky rhymes that grasp your withering bones. Sticking with her hard rocker vibes, Sizzy flows effortlessly on the pop bits of this track that infuse into references to the power of fame. Sizzy has that glitz and glam, while pulling out the dark side of a New York night. She's got the hooks that make your bones ache and crave more, while being the relief in this storm. Get ready to blast off as Sizzy Rocket takes you deep into her galaxy of grunge-ridden fame.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Could I Follow You Home Tonight?

Join the passion for pop that Sweden's new band on the rise Join The Riot clearly depicts in their latest release "Clint Eastmode" off of their Buckle Up EP. This four-piece Stockholm group has all of the makings to become the next The Royal Concept with their euphoric and young hooks that channel you to the summer nights of nostalgic fun with the future looking bright. With guitars that crash on the shores of a pure pop laced sands, Join The Riot bring this Smallpools college boy vibe that's got all the potential to reach the very top of its game. "Clint Estmode" isn't just a song-- its a story and an anthem of being young and free.

Friday, April 18, 2014

City Of Strange Things

Strangeheart is getting things ready for their debut album dropping on May 6th with their self titled single "Strangeheart". This four-piece LA band has been on our radar for quite some time, and with this pumping track you'll find yourself ready to dance the night away to their catchy chorus and euphoric verse. It's that late night song you want to dance to by the pool with the neon lights reflecting off the surface of the water and palm trees slowly swaying in the warm California air. These guy perfectly capture that moment when you fall head over heels for someone and everything around you blurs away. It's LA pop soaring high on the California wind heading to the tropics for a major heat up as Strangeheart becomes quite a familiar name in your love for pop music.

Won't Let Up

Brooklynite Doe Paoro, who's been on the prowl for quite some time, dropped a new track, "Nobody", yesterday that instantaneously had jumping for joy and remaining perfectly calm so we could listen to every second of this pop power track that's filled with Doe's sinfully good voice and alarming synths. It's a mix of a darker 90s girl with some glimpse on an 80s pop effects that transport you into this day and age of Doe Paoro killing you softly with her fierce jab with this undeniably memorable song. It's Doe Paoro for the win again!

We're The True Achievers

Floating ever so lightly on static clouds, Denmark's newest band Lowly hops into the pop scene with their debut "Daydreamers" that's light as snow, but as powerful as a wrecking ball. They start their track off with some fuzzy synths that elevate you into the clouds above and allow for more fullness each time their classic 80s vocals fill the sky with the brightness of the sun. Leading into its the songs power section, the drums kick in allowing your imagination reach its fullest potential. This Danish five-piece band has been around the block in the music industry with each member have already worked on their own individual projects in music, but something felt right among them to come together and start what we believe is pure excellence among pop music. Lowly will be hitting up SPOT Festival in May and perhaps if we all daydream a little bit more they will be hitting up the U.S. sometime soon to grace us with their unstoppable sound.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dance To The Rhythm Of My Heart

About a month ago Wouie's nicotine laced tracks came pouring out and graced our pages with some Scandinavian pop at its best. Today, we get a second dose of these guys with "It Is What It Is" that picks up exactly where they left off. Dancing on top of synth based plateaus, Wouie chants their addictive chorus that echoes across the lands and makes you crave more from these Swedes who know how to do indie pop right. Every bit of this track has that balance of electronics, rock inspired guitars, and pop hook verses that dance at your toes. Hop on now as Wouie wows you with their ability to dance to the rhythm of their hearts.

Turn It Up. Turn It On.

MAUSI is back with a killer cover of Kiesza's "Hideaway" and damn you better be ready to dance, because you're going to feel the beat down to your bones. It's got that funk that makes you hips sway and that beat that makes your feet slide across the dance floor. It seems as if MAUSI just has the ability to get the groove going and make a home run every time. Let yourself free and get on the dance floor with MAUSI.

Still No Retreat & Still No Surrender

Riding in on a proper debut that has been slowly burning, but surely gaining some major attention from the right people is Melbourne's Undercolours. "I'm Not Sorry" brings a calming effect of a city lights shimmering off in the distance as you sit perched high above just watching as the world passes by. This borderline rocker sound mixed with every essence of a pop radio hit gives off this 90s U2 vibe that is so undeniably addicted you'll find yourself slowly jamming to this song on you late night drives home. We are perfectly content listening to this wonderfully chill piece of work Undercolours has given us, but we are hoping for more oh so very soon.

Fight For The Heat Of Summer

Nieves has won our hearts over with just one listen to their debut single "Winter" that dropped today. It pulled at our hearts and made us find ourselves weeping at the beauty behind this track about a relationship falling apart and coming to its final end. Nieves uses the most vivid metaphors of the changing of season to grasp your emotions as this Glasgow duo spills their hearts out over the simplicity of a strumming guitars and a glistening piano. Nieves have found the perfect way to win us over and with this debut track you'll be finding yourself listening over and over again through the good times and bad to this lovely song about an experience we've all had in our lives. With all relationships there is the chance for it to come to an end, but for Nieves it is just the beginning of their rise as songwriters you'll grow to know.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You Should Be Mine

Belgium's own TONER has been on our radar ever since they dropped their single "All I Need" about four months ago. They are back with a beautiful array of starry music with their new single "Nightwork". The track pulls on the strings on the universe at hand with its peaceful vibes mixed with an underlying sense of terror sprinkled ever so slightly in the right places. Definitely a track that perfectly depicts a floating in the darkest parts of space with the stars twinkling off in the distance light years away.

Fragile Like Glass

We featured Lucy Mason last month when she released her debut single "White As Snow" that set her above all others in pop. Today, she takes us on a journey around the world with the video for this breathtaking  track that has her looking more beautiful than ever. We still stick to our words; Lucy Mason is going to blow you away with every essence of elegance as a pop star on the rise. 

We're Alone Now

Florida has been ripe with new indie pop artists on the rise and today we add to that growing list JMR (Joshua Michael Robinson with his latest single "Pioneer Of Your Heart". Diving right into all of the goodness of his music, JMR's voice is impeccable with its soulful elegance that circles around the glimmering lights in the night sky. His production aspects have that of a Lo-Fang taste, mixing what sounds like classical instruments and composition piece and mixing them with the modern effects of electronics. This creates a perfection of two totally different worlds in music all mixing together to create one sound that is going to define JMR as a game changer in the indie pop scene.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Animal In The Night

The hottest new act on the rise this year, Sylvan Esso, is back with another hit on their hands, "Play It Right". Pulling on the infrastructure of electronic music, Sylvan Esso combines a jungle chant on top of mountains of soul with valleys of folklore. The vocals perfectly aline with the machine like beats like a blood red lunar eclipse. With this track there's no stopping them from reaching the inevitable top of their game. They're here for the kill like animals in the night.

Suffering In Silence

Manchester based Y.O.U is back with a crazy and fun-filled electronic single "Volvic" that's as hot as a day on the beach. Y.O.U has that feel-good sound that squeaky-clean balance of electronic pop with a Two Door Cinema Club vibe. The track has that 80s St. Lucia tropics sound that continues to build to a the highest peak at the very end where you watch the sun shimmer its final rays of sunlight, fading off into the warm summer night ahead. Y.O.U is definitely a must watch. With a track as steamy as a tropical heat wave, there's no doubt you'll be thinking you're in summer already.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Do What You Want

From first listen, you would absolutely think that Radio On is a rising Brooklyn band with their perfect 80s indie sound, but low-an- behold these guys are coming at us from across the pond in London. Their debut track "Don't Wait" is a perfect crowd pleaser with its feel good vibes and those trickling synths that jump stick to the beats like a Panama Wedding or Wouie track. Their lyrics fly off the walls like a true 80s pop hit making your mind expand to its greatest level of listening pleasure. Radio On is definitely a band you're going to be turning the radio up to with their ability to create pop music at its finest.

Fall Into The Sky

King Deco is ready to be added to the list of pop artists on the rise with her mini EP Tigris dropping today. Along with the tracks she's been releasing in the past, we get another taste of her melodically beautiful voice on "One" featuring Kinetics and produced by the amazing Felix Snow, as she proves she's here to become part of pop royalty . The production has a dark bubbly feeling that's heavy as the night sky. Let King Deco's perfection sink into your darkest dreams, allowing you to never look back.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Whispers In The Stars

Back in January we introduced you to the newest crew in the Los Angeles music scene Frenship with their debut single "Kids", and today they are back with a second dose of nicotine-laced beats on "Anya". They bring this electro-rock/pop, slow vibe that shows the true colors of greyness. Frenship infuse industrial beats with grinding synths that lead up to their signature breakdown where, this time, they take an African tribelike chant approach that's addictive to the touch. Frenship have got us grasping for more with their depth-defying production mixed to perfection. We're expecting some more great things to come for these guys.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Your Heart Is My Hometown

Our favorite UK band on the rise at the moment, Fickle Friends, has done a fine job at remixing Breen's "Say What You Want", another  rising talent in the London scene. Keeping the electronically filtered vocals like Hoodlem, Fickle Friends dip this track deep track in a elixir of their playful beats, giving it a lively feel filled  to the very rim of hit potential. Both acts are rising to the top of their game, continuously giving up far beyond what we could ever expect. Watch as Breen and Fickle Friends slowly become a household name among music listeners everywhere!

Nostalgia Is My Radio

Ireland has been ripe with some bands on the rise these past couple of months and today we can add another--Silent Noise Parade. Mixing a major indie rock sound pristinely with arena-ready synths, this band perfectly depicts the the essence of dancing in the dark with their track "Fears". The chorus has that simplistic melody that lets the powering synths overtake your listening experience and transport you into these rock savoiors' realm of pure indie pop excellence.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Don't Believe In Safety Nets

Hopping onto the New York music scene about 6 months ago was Elliot Moss, who threw out two amazing tracks. Yesterday, he returned with yet another glorious track of electronic perfection. "Slip" has that perfect mix of Hoodlem's simplistic yet experimental sound mixed with vocals so smooth with that almost machine effect sound of Chet Faker & Flume's epic "Drop the Game" chorus. Watch out as Elliot Moss begins to become one of those names in the NYC music scene you'll hear everyone talking about. He's gonna be huge!

We'll Never Be Enough

Coming at us from the middle of the U.S of A is Des Moines, Iowa native Max Jury with his debut EP Something In The Air. His track "Crooked Time" off of this calming compilation of tracks is something different, yet exactly what we've been looking for. Max Jury channels that indie folk sound that we love while building that track around its simplicity. With the folky vocals that are soft yet whole-heartedly spoken, Max gives off a huge Bob Dylan quality in all of his tracks. The harmonies create a beautiful tension leading into the piano solo that brings a beautiful aspect as the trombone adds that finishing touch making the track have that vintage sound. We are proud to add this to our list of midwesterners doing it right in indie music.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gonna Keep My Head Down

Last year Manou hopped onto the scene with her smooth R&B debut "Sadie", and today she's back with a second single, "Loving You". Picking up right where she left off, she infuses her classic R&B beats with some full on sun-washed rock guitars that blend to perfection. The chorus has that fullness that fills your speakers to epic proportions. Manou has that star quality with her classic 90s glittery pop star look mixed with her irresistibly unique sound she's worked to craft so effortlessly with her producer in crime, Pnut. Watch as Manou jumps full force into the scene creating a wave that's going to crash over the industry making her a name you'll want to know.

Magic Beans & Wicked Spells

Deaf Joe has teamed up with director Neil O'Dricscoll to create a cinematically haunting yet beautiful video for his track "For Each and Every One of Them". The video is visually excellent, grasping your attention throughout the entire thing--entranced in the simple yet depth defying visuals. It's one you'll find yourself watching over and over again, unable to fully wrap your head around everything. 

Hand-Me-Down Jean

Meet Texan gone Brooklyner Arum Rae with her latest single "Warranted Queen" that's as good as things can get. Arum Rae brings that raw Macy Grey vocals mixed with a touch of Adele. It's got that campfire song flair you'll find yourself looking up to the stars above as the fire crackles and you get that nostalgic feeling that everything's going to be alright. The track lyrics have that sadness to them, like its you're time to leave but there's that essence holding you to the ground you stand, but through all of it you know it's the best thing to go. The song title is fitting since Arum Rae proves herself as an act on the rise for spot of queenship.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meet Me In The Back

Minneapolis band Step Rockets have been on the rise ever since they dropped their single "Kisser" that exploded on the scene like a fire going crazy. Now they are back to give you a heart attack with this 80s rock hit, "Heat Attack Again", that sounds exactly it was picked out of time and dropped into today. It's got the hip/hop rap chant that jumps right into the 80s rocker vibes we so desperately crave. For being a band that's still unsigned, these guys are doing everything right. They tore up SXSW leaving hearts wanting more and are setting themselves up for an enormous year. One listen and you'll be back in the 80s getting your rocker fix on. Step Rockets have come for the win!

Guilt Just Guts Me

Coming in like a thick wall of rain, The Flight bring us their first offering since their last EP released back in 2013, "The Sinner Inside". The track drives on an acoustic guitar driven darkness that spans in a western sounding realm. This London production duo has produced a track that let's the vocals soar effortlessly over the western rock sound, allowing for the lyrics to grasp at your conscious making you aware of the darker days. This track awakens your sole, allowing it to grieve and let the truth run free. It's dark and dreary in the best sense possible. Get lost in the downpour.