Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stranger In The Dark

Our favorite UK duo IYES has just dropped a hot remix of a new UK favorite Cousin Marnie today, and all we can say is that things are getting hot. Just on the verge of dropping their second single in the coming weeks, IYES teases us with this track that switches between Cousin Marnies dark and slow sound on "Cain" and a powering beat. Cousin Marnie reminds us a bit of another UK favorite, Laurel, with her smooth and haunting melodies. This remix perfectly captures the best of both worlds, creating something worth losing yourself in. You'll be obsessing over both Cousin Marnie and IYES knowing that theirs more great things to come from them. In the mean time, you have this sick remix by IYES and the original track by Cousin Marnie to keep you preoccupied until the time comes and both of these names become a common occurrence in your music libraries.

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