Monday, March 10, 2014

Solve Stories Untold

Today, we would like to introduce our new favorite Swedish band Wouie, who came into our lives through a single e-mail and literally had us going "where have you been all along". Their latest track "Unfold" comes smoothly, riding on the glaciers of a mountain peak (and leaving us in wow). The verses have a dash of Ghost Beach leading into a chorus and production that dives deep into the anthem-like rock songs of The Royal Concept mixed with Phoenix. The thing that throws us even more for a loop about Wouie is that these guys have a powering list of 3 other tracks already out. After listening to "Unfold" you'll find yourself going through their library and quickly becoming a super fan along with us. There's a clear indication that these guys are going to definitely break through within the year. We can only hope to see them hitting up the NYC indie scene and then instantly turning into a major breakout band. Watch out because Wouie is here for the kill!

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