Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shadows Of What We Had

Hitting up the EDM scene today is Daithi coming to us from Ireland with his new single "Have To Go" featuring Jesse Boykins III. Creating the melodic mix of what sounds like native Irish strings, Daithi builds in the electronic aspects on top of this creating the perfect combination of a hit that's ready to be played on the dance floor. Jesse Boykins III's soulful vocals shine brighter than ever on this track, with its uplifting, Calvin Harrislike beat. You'll find yourself soaring higher on the dance floor just ready to let loose and party the night away on this track. Daithi has been around for quite some time (about 3 years) producing some wondrous music, but something in us is telling us that "Have To Go" is going to set him apart from the others, launching into a powerhouse on the rise.

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