Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pitch Black, Cold Heart

If you haven't hard of Boots yet then we basically feel bad for you because you are MISSING OUT!  Boots has become known as the man behind Beyonce's killer album that magically dropped out of nowhere back in December. Now that he's done serving the queen, he's working on his own solo career. He has three tracks released so far, one of which just dropped today called "Howl". Out of all his tracks, "Howl" proves to be the most high energy of his tracks, which showcases his ability to diversify in the pop sphere. Boots' sticks to his darker sound of mystery. It's part of the image he's created. No one quite has put a picture of who Boots is and no one actually has any idea of a back story behind him. All we know is he's basically dropping power track after power track.