Monday, March 3, 2014

New Feature--Artist of the Week: Tove Lo

Here at Oblivious Pop we've been working hard to bring you the latest in indie pop music for half a year already! In this milestone we are launching a new feature--artist of the week (as you can see above at the top of the site). Each week we will feature a new artist who needs to be highlighted as someone to watch in the coming months, or even that week. We are happy to honor the wonderful Scandinavian princess of pop Tove Lo with the debut spot of our Artist of the Week feature. Tove Lo has been on our radar over the past year with her song "Habits" that has been playing non stop since its release. Her first EP Truth Serum today and after the first listen we were 100% certain that it is absolutely going to launch her into a successful year and future in the industry. Get to know Tove Lo as your new choice of drug.

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