Monday, March 17, 2014

Lust Don't Break

Haunting yet sensual, Oscar & the Wolf came at us today with a killer new track, "Undress", that is takes things to a whole new level. After releasing their first single "Princes" via a music video, we have been slowly finding ourselves hooked to the otherworldly sound being crafted here. The track has that dark melodic feel of a dreary day with a thick fog hovering all around. The track picks itself when the chorus hits, sinking its hook into your heart and never letting you go. You'll find yourself addicted to Oscar & the Wolf after one listen. With the talent to write a great track and some big names like Leo Abrahams working on the mix of these tracks, Oscar & the Wolf will be sure to be a name on the rise in the coming months, especially with a debut album dropping on April 28 in Belgium.

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