Monday, March 24, 2014

Lock In Your Love

Usually when we get submissions for NYC based bands we get the typical Brooklyn band on the rise pitch. This time is different with Queens-based band Broken Luxury, who bring their weekly covers series with none other than a cover of Disclosure's "Latch". Broken Luxury sticks with the electronic sound this song originally has, but they bring things down to a soulful level, stripping away any powering dance beats and keeping things calm. This allows for the balance where the vocals soar effortlessly over the darkened synths creating an array of flickering colors that rush through your brain. These guys not only know how to make some killer covers that could easily act as major rivals to the originals, they dropped an EP earlier this year that is just as excellent. We've got our eyes on Broken Luxury. Something tells us that things are brewing up to a very successful run for these guys.

1 comment:

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