Monday, March 10, 2014

Hanging Round Too Long

We featured Paris Carney on here about a week and a half ago with her debut track "It's Always the Quiet Ones", and today she returns with a second offering that has us floating on cloud nine just after the first listen. "Astronaut" picks up exactly where Paris left off with her lyrical piece that induces a message of self empowerment. The production on this track has a classic pop mix that perfectly accompanies her flawless vocals that reign in the realm of a cross between the rulers of the indie scene, HAERTS, and the pop star status of Katy Perry. Paris has us literally going crazy with how much she's got going here. There's no doubt that she's prepping herself to become a household name in pop music! Paris will having you floating away on neon clouds in the middle of outer space with this pop hit as she comes in for the throne.

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