Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Give Me What I Want!

About two weeks a name hit pop sphere and left a mark that's making everyone go crazy. Yesterday, Allie X broke through with her second single "Prime" that propels her into the rankings of the big name pop stars. The synth pop sound she has crafted screams bubble-gum pop laced with sticky, candy-coated hooks that just pile on top of one each other. Everything about her screams Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds with the powering indie production, but there's that underlying factor that makes us feel like she has the ability to escalate to the rankings of a new Madonna. We are calling it now that 2014 will be the year of Allie X. We are addicted and there's no turning back. Let the sugar sweet medication that is Allie X flow through you veins and lead you on a trip of pop music at its best.

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