Monday, March 31, 2014

Driving Me Insane

Blooms is back with her dreamy sound on her new track "Lust". Driven by eerie synth loops that build in a powerful beat that's subtle, Blooms' sweet yet haunting voice echoes over this hypnotizing track that will have you listening over an over again. As haunting as the track comes across, it brings a sense of a calmness, yet agitating at the same time. This agitation builds to the very end where distance synths swiftly escalate to the end only to be faded quickly to nothingness. Get lost in Blooms's nail biting dreams, that reach levels of sweetness in lust.

Promises That You're Hooked On

We're always a sucker when our favorite acts find ways to collaborate and with this steamy remix of Zella Day's "Sweet Ophelia" by Marian Hill we get just that. This track mixes the best of both world with Zella's flawless vocals of the tinkering production of Marian Hill that's playful in every sense. Marian Hill definitely turn the heat up on this already hot track. It's right to say that after coming off of an excellent EP release and now dropping this remix, Marian Hill will soon be hitting the big leagues along with Zella Day with her upcoming EP that's bound to blow hearts away. Together these two teams are going to create a nuclear explosion.

Don't Know Me Like You Used To

Back in January, Fickle Friends dove into the pop game with their debut single "Swim" that blew our minds and is still being dubbed one of our favorite records of this year so far. Now this Brighton band is back with another addictive track that's going to have heads turning. Sticking with their feel-good energy sound, "Play" picks up right where they left off, giving us a bit more of a song we can dance too in good fun. It's filled with great pop/rock qualities while adding in some rocking synth effects that create the icing on the cake. This tracks hot and playful--a perfect radio hit. Get ready and hit play.

High On Legal Marijuana

Halsey became a name worth knowing back in February with her debut track "Ghost", and today she's back with another a second dose of this pop drug, "New Americana". The track starts off instantly into the mystery driven style that Halsey thrives off of mixed with her lucid verses. The verses dive head first into the powering chorus that catches you with its almost controversial lyrics, but that's the part we love most. We love the truth behind Halsey and her music--she holds nothing back. With her, the sky's just the beginning, because there's no stopping her on the rise to becoming a major name in pop, especially with a second single that's causing quite the stir.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Carry You Home

Meet up-and-comer Layla wit her new single "Smokestacks" thats literally got our heads spinning with her excellent mysterious folk stylings. Riding over hills of electric guitars below her feet through a thick foggy mist into a quant village. Her vocals dive into the soft yet powerful realm of Soak, especially when the roaring chorus comes in with her elegant voice singing "Hoping I could carry you home"leading into a dancelike run. One listen to Layla and you'll be lost among the fog covered smokestacks of London.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grew Up Too Fast

Prinze George came across our radar this week with their new single "This Time", and we are going crazy over the hooks after hooks this full on angst track is delivering to us. Starting off with a subtle 80s synth lead-in, Prinze George leads right into the taunting lyrics of disgust. This four-piece band powers into a chorus that leads into the catchiest of all powering instrumental hooks that will have your body dancing before you even have time to think about it. Hope on board as Prinze George will take you around the block with this HAWT track that will lead you into the summer heat.

c’est la vie

Earlier this week we wrote about how Broken Luxury basically blew us away with their Disclosure cover. In a continuation of their weekly cover series these guys dropped a version of Rudimental's "Free" that's literally has these guys becoming one of your favorite NYC bands on the rise. These guys start right where they left off with their cover of "Latch" bring us perfectly executed production mixed with a flawless vocals that shatter your soul with every note. There's no stopping these guys with their brilliance in executing some of the top tracks we've heard within the last year. They know how to spin the song into the right direction showcasing the excellence of this already popular sound, and the power behind this duo. Watch out, because Broken Luxury is ready to rise to the top.

Cigarette You'e Burned For Love

Coming at us again today is Gallant with his atmospheric soul sounds on his latest track "Jupiter Grayscale" that's echoes on echoes of a room filled with spirits. This time Gallant teamed up with the UK producer Maths Time Joy to give us an appealing track thats smooth, yet borders essences of rock with the arena guitars that power into the finale chorus emphasized with exuberant synths that fill the room creating sound waves so pleasant and full. Gallants got the smooth vibes that scream sexy, but also are tame and subtle as a lingering power builds below the production. This guy is on the run to change the game and there's no stopping him from bursting on the scene as a top contender on the rise for pop music.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Leave Me To Die

Like shimmering stop lights on a buys city street drench in rain, the three-piece California band Cannons bring us their latest track "Neon Light". This track is filled with a darkened synths that imitate the shimmering of... well... neon lights. Lead singer Michelle Joy's voice is sultry yet subtle, queening your attention in on the very moments of a rain fall hitting the ground. This tracks production slowly hypnotizes you into a slow jam session that you won't be able to get yourself out of. Prepare to be entranced by Cannons with their city-slick track.

In This Old City

Ireland's Sleep Thieves gearing things up for a new album, and last week they dropped a pretty sweet music video for their single "City of Hearts". Their slow burning track is portrayed perfectly in this gif-like video that's simple and chic. Check out the roaring 20s influenced video above and keep an eye out for their album that's coming at you this year.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Past Is Gone, Future Untold

HAERTS won our hearts over this past fall with a debut EP Hemiplegia, and now they are making our love grow with their slow burning ballad "Call My Name" that's sincere in the utmost sense. This team of Brooklyners have been riding high and this track brings things to a whole new level with lead singer Nini's vocals melting slowly into this 80s production that's reminiscent of an 80s slow dance or a heart-breaking goodbye scene in a movie. There's no doubt that HAERTS will be riding high on this track all the way into their much anticipated album due out later this year.

I Forgot...

We've been keeping an eye on Cousin Matt for a while, especially since working with a favorite of ours, Dreambear, to create a masterpiece of a video that dropped earlier this month. Now this Brooklyn/Atlanta duo bring us this slick new track "Soft Science" that takes us riding on some nostalgic sun rays. The track immerses you in what we feel is an intimate acoustic jam session in a small club just chilling back and taking in every note. Cousin Matt will send you into the feel-good mode that will brighten your day. "Soft Science" is that track you'll listen on the subway to get out of the sludge of a morning commute, making you ready to take on the world.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pictures In My Head

Beatrice Eli came into our lives back in 2012 with a killer debut EP, and then we didn't hear much from her until now. She's back with a sexy new single "Girls" that in our opinion triumphs Katy Perry's experimental "I Kissed A Girl". It's got a sense of lust and this glimmering bubblegum grunge aspect that brings a new light to the already fierce sound of Swedish rockstar on the rise. You'll find yourself "come to the conclusion that you like" Beatrice Eli way more than your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Stuck In A Roundabout

We've got another party track coming at you from none other than Scandinavia. To be specific, Kid Astray is a 6-piece Norwegian power house of pop that's on the rise. Today, they dropped their latest single "No Easy Way Out" that a soundtrack to a crazy 80s pool party. With a Smallpoolslike chorus that's screams for you to sing along, there's no doubting you'll find yourself dancing to the shimmering 80s Neon Indian synths that drive the song through all the highest points. You'll find yourself hitting the back button every time as you lose control of you body and want to dance the night away to this fun-in-the-sun track. "No Easy Way Out" comes ahead of their forthcoming EP on the Swedish label Cosmos, home to another Scandinavian favorite Say Lou Lou. Party all the way into the early hours of the morning with Kid Astray playing as your party track for the night.

Lock In Your Love

Usually when we get submissions for NYC based bands we get the typical Brooklyn band on the rise pitch. This time is different with Queens-based band Broken Luxury, who bring their weekly covers series with none other than a cover of Disclosure's "Latch". Broken Luxury sticks with the electronic sound this song originally has, but they bring things down to a soulful level, stripping away any powering dance beats and keeping things calm. This allows for the balance where the vocals soar effortlessly over the darkened synths creating an array of flickering colors that rush through your brain. These guys not only know how to make some killer covers that could easily act as major rivals to the originals, they dropped an EP earlier this year that is just as excellent. We've got our eyes on Broken Luxury. Something tells us that things are brewing up to a very successful run for these guys.

Won't Say Anything Much

We've been waiting for IYES to come at us with a track and that day is finally here. After having an enormous debut "'Til Infinity" and then covering Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", this Brighton duo is back with their second single "Breathe"on Duly Noted Records that is layers on layers of hooks and haunting production that literally has us overwhelmed with excitement. The track's lyrics are white as snow with a darkened feel that chills you to your bone with every note. The anticipate builds with each second of the track waiting for that major breakdown where you find yourself still holding your breathe immersed deeper than you ever would have expected. IYES has that energy to launch themselves into one of the biggest duos we will see rise to the top this year. They have us going crazy and there's no turning back. The IYES addiction continues on and we are loving every second of it.

Lost Here Without You

As everyone is getting off of that spring break high, we are bringing back one last reminder of the sunny days before you head back to the dreariness of work. Florida's newest duo to rise on the scene, Sound Palace, brings us there debut single "Hold On" off of their upcoming EP that surfs into our hearts on the heated waves of glimmering, St. Lucia-like synth waves. Their lyrics bring in the nostalgia of a sunny COIN track, mixing all together to give us those shades of a golden orange sunset sinking behind the rocking waves on the horizon. You better hop on board, because we are planning on playing this track on repeat until it brings us into the humid days of a summer in the city.

Friday, March 21, 2014

You Take California

When we think of the sunny state of Florida we definitely think sun and fun, and with Priest we get just that. This duo reigning from that sunny land, brings us a magical synth filled track, "Isn't It So", that is light as the rays of a summer sun. The synths glare through the production like the reflections of sun rays off of a pool. The production and vocals mix wonderfully to reach the depths of a CHVRCHES and MNDR track that's reminiscent of an era long gone. With two other successful singles already behind them, Priest are set for to ride the heat of their sound to the top. Watch out as you get sucked into a neon heat with this chill yet hot track.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can Be So Much More

Meet Sonia Stein, a singer from London who's on the rise to great things with her latest track "Symbol". Obtaining that undeniably good singer-songwriter vibe, Sonia's voice shimmers down from the heavens on top of godly piano chords that linger on into the darkness. "Symbol" acts as a beacon in dark times with its melodies that a reminiscent of a 90s ballad ready for the radio. There are so many points where we want a string orchestra to come in and for Sonia to showcase the powering energy that is hiding beneath, but it is this that keeps you hooked throughout the song, craving more of every drop of this track.

Coming Back To Me Now

After a small break from featuring bands from the land up north, we are back with a new 4-piece Swedish band Von Valley. These guys released their debut track "Shadows" that is the perfect folk track that paints pictures of snowcapped mountains and ice covered rivers. Their mellow sound reminds us of the chill stylings of a Khushi track mixed with the inevitably addictive folk sound of Ásgeir. After we took our first listen to this, we just wanted to head up to a cabin in the woods and have this track playing over and over again as the snow falls around us. There's something stirring here with Von Valley and we are excited to see what they have up their sleeve. Good vibes coming from this group of Swedes.

Fuck You. It's Over.

If you were at SXSW this last week then chances are you probably heard a ton of bands that literally made you excited for the rest of the year in music. One of the bands that we hope you were able to catch is SomeKindaWonderful. Today, we bring you their single "Reverse" that tells the story of being tantalized into a habit of cheating. SomeKindaWonderful bring a wonderful classic pop sound with their Bruno Marslike verse that roll of the tongue and land swiftly over the upbeat bluesy production that screams Amy Winehouse. This debut track by this band showcases their talent to write a song we could easily picture on the soundtrack of a movie. SomeKindaWonderful really know how to write a song that captures emotion perfectly both lyrically and instrumentally.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Give Me What I Want!

About two weeks a name hit pop sphere and left a mark that's making everyone go crazy. Yesterday, Allie X broke through with her second single "Prime" that propels her into the rankings of the big name pop stars. The synth pop sound she has crafted screams bubble-gum pop laced with sticky, candy-coated hooks that just pile on top of one each other. Everything about her screams Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds with the powering indie production, but there's that underlying factor that makes us feel like she has the ability to escalate to the rankings of a new Madonna. We are calling it now that 2014 will be the year of Allie X. We are addicted and there's no turning back. Let the sugar sweet medication that is Allie X flow through you veins and lead you on a trip of pop music at its best.

If That's What You Want

The Escapists had us going crazy over their classic indie debut "Breaking It Up" back in January with their Kings of Leon sound, and today they are back with a refixed version of their debut track. Straying way from the hard electric guitars, this track dives into late 80s neon synths that stick to ever inch of your brain. This retake on the track definitely takes things to a darker level of late nights and glowing lights on the remnants of a storm. If you're not hooked on the verse, then the chorus will latch right onto you and have you craving more of the synths that compliments this already perfect chorus. You'll find yourself going mad over this retake on what we consider a strike of lightning before the storm.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shadows Of What We Had

Hitting up the EDM scene today is Daithi coming to us from Ireland with his new single "Have To Go" featuring Jesse Boykins III. Creating the melodic mix of what sounds like native Irish strings, Daithi builds in the electronic aspects on top of this creating the perfect combination of a hit that's ready to be played on the dance floor. Jesse Boykins III's soulful vocals shine brighter than ever on this track, with its uplifting, Calvin Harrislike beat. You'll find yourself soaring higher on the dance floor just ready to let loose and party the night away on this track. Daithi has been around for quite some time (about 3 years) producing some wondrous music, but something in us is telling us that "Have To Go" is going to set him apart from the others, launching into a powerhouse on the rise.

You Had Me Spinning

Earlier this month we were going crazy over Zella Day's "Sweet Ophilia". Now that she's hit up SXSW, she's ready to start taking over the game of pop with her new single "1965" that dropped yesterday. This new single features the elegant sound that's reminiscent of clear blue skies. Her vocals and lyrics remind us so much of a swooping Lana Del Rey song, just with more depth and power to her voice that she reaches into the indie realm of vocals like MS MR's Lizzy. Zella has crafted a wonderful song here that takes you on a journey through old films of the 60s, being free from the world. We've just gotta say that we are all in store for some great things from this girl. She's going to be blowing up the scene in the coming months. You better watch out and she sweeps you off your feet into a wonderland of vintage laced tracks.
Be sure to preorder Zella's debut 7" here.

Way We Always Said We Would

The Night VI teased us last month with their cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinkin Bout You" making us crave for some more from this UK band, and today they return with their new single "Sienna" that glistens on the clouds of betrayed heart. Clearly about a heart break of a relationship with another person in the picture, The Night VI captures the remorse, bitterness, and sorrow that comes with a betrayed heart. The London Grammarlike vocals chime over the tear-driven guitars riding into a downpour of gray rain away from the colorful sun of what once was. The Night VI will be that dose of medicine to get you through any heart break that may come your way, especially with this masterpiece.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stuck Between Rock & Roll

Liz Lawrence is going to be that girl who's gonna find that special place in your heart with graceful yet rebellious track "Health & Safety". This single gives this UK chick a girl next door vibe in the folk-filled vibes of a Sara Bareilles track mixed with a KT Tunstall rock jam that powers at your inner soul. The production itself has the relaxed feel that tiptoes to the edges of rock & roll with its electric guitar that's the heart of the entire track. It's a song for a sunny day, sipping lemonade on the front porch while smoking a cigarette--sweet & sour.

Lust Don't Break

Haunting yet sensual, Oscar & the Wolf came at us today with a killer new track, "Undress", that is takes things to a whole new level. After releasing their first single "Princes" via a music video, we have been slowly finding ourselves hooked to the otherworldly sound being crafted here. The track has that dark melodic feel of a dreary day with a thick fog hovering all around. The track picks itself when the chorus hits, sinking its hook into your heart and never letting you go. You'll find yourself addicted to Oscar & the Wolf after one listen. With the talent to write a great track and some big names like Leo Abrahams working on the mix of these tracks, Oscar & the Wolf will be sure to be a name on the rise in the coming months, especially with a debut album dropping on April 28 in Belgium.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Damage Is Done

There's some great things coming from a band called Oh Volcano these days. Their debut single "Oceans" is reminiscent of VIMES debut--electronic and catchy to the touch. Almost like a infection, Oh Volcano enter your system and you start coming down with the a bit of craziness because of how electric this track is. These Brits have created something that streams through your veins at rushing speed driving the adrenaline to your head. Take our word when we say that Oh Volcano will be hopping on board the rising acts of 2014 ship with this one. Let their music spread and cause an epidemic, of course in a good way.

Love Is Supersonic

Take off on a new EDM exploration with Ben Lam hitting you with a killer track, "Futuregirl" featuring Jeremey Zimmerman off of his debut EP. Ben Lam has taken things to a whole new level proving himself to be a rising talent in the EDM realm. His production screams of a Zedd hit that we would expect to hear in a Berlin club, while giving us the taste of a L.A. Goldroom track that makes all the right beats to get your body moving. With Jeremey Zimmerman's perfect pop vocals soaring high above the electronics things blast off into a whole new galaxy of pop hits. You're gonna be adding this track to your weekend party mix after one listen with how much it send your soaring past the sun and deep into the stars beyond.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Didn't Get To Say

Back in January the hottest up-and-coming band Prelow came at us with their debut single "For The Team" that has us going insane over how much of a slow and sexy hit they had made. Now they are back with doing the exact same thing with "Simple Song". Instantly winning us over in the first second, Prelow sticks with their smooth sound similar to Great Good Fine Ok. It's got that sexy guitar solo that will have your heart melting and the glistening sounds of synths echoing rhythmically to the beat. It's sun washed yet grungy all mixed between the sheets, almost as if they are channeling a Cali-sun sound mixed with an indie New York vibe. Long story short, we are obsessed over Prelow and you should be too. Now go jam out and fall in love with these guys.

We Getting Older

If you're at SXSW this week then you're gonna want to add Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes to your list of bands to see. This guys from Nashville just dropped a killer album Kid Tiger that won't leave you disappointed on any terms. The lead single "Sun Goes Out" will channel that time between summer and fall where the days are hot and the nights are cold. These guys bring the youthfulness of Walk The Moon into their music while staying strong with the lyrical powers of another favorite, Magic Man. Their rock vibe are perfect for those cool nights laying out under the stars with friends next to a camp fire. You're not gonna wanna miss what these guys have going. If you're at SXSW these guys play tonight at 6:30 pm at The Parking Lot Party, and are also playing a long list of shows on Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Night Of Our Lives

Meet the UK's newest production duo HARTEBEEST to grace our pages. They come rocking in with their track "Drums" that's filled with luscious synths that take you through a galaxy of neon stars floating miles away. This duo take a bit of what sounds like a Goldroom track, mix it with vocals that shine in the wilderness of Wildcat! Wildcat!, and smooths things off with flaring guitars that are subtle against the overall sound. HARTEBEEST will wash you to see and have you treading water as their sound slowly pulls you under into the essence of night.

Pitch Black, Cold Heart

If you haven't hard of Boots yet then we basically feel bad for you because you are MISSING OUT!  Boots has become known as the man behind Beyonce's killer album that magically dropped out of nowhere back in December. Now that he's done serving the queen, he's working on his own solo career. He has three tracks released so far, one of which just dropped today called "Howl". Out of all his tracks, "Howl" proves to be the most high energy of his tracks, which showcases his ability to diversify in the pop sphere. Boots' sticks to his darker sound of mystery. It's part of the image he's created. No one quite has put a picture of who Boots is and no one actually has any idea of a back story behind him. All we know is he's basically dropping power track after power track.

Oh Baby!

Our favorite UK indie newcomers Secret Company are back after killing us with their debut single last month. Now they are back with a "So Good To Me vs. Sweet Disposition" mashup that continues to leave us standing here wondering if anyone could beat these guys. We're not sure if its the energetic arena-ready guitars that capture out attention, but if not so it is definitely the California style rock vocals that keep making us feel like we are living in an endless summer. Its a track you'll rolled down the windows to while speeding down the California coast line enjoying every second of life.

Stranger In The Dark

Our favorite UK duo IYES has just dropped a hot remix of a new UK favorite Cousin Marnie today, and all we can say is that things are getting hot. Just on the verge of dropping their second single in the coming weeks, IYES teases us with this track that switches between Cousin Marnies dark and slow sound on "Cain" and a powering beat. Cousin Marnie reminds us a bit of another UK favorite, Laurel, with her smooth and haunting melodies. This remix perfectly captures the best of both worlds, creating something worth losing yourself in. You'll be obsessing over both Cousin Marnie and IYES knowing that theirs more great things to come from them. In the mean time, you have this sick remix by IYES and the original track by Cousin Marnie to keep you preoccupied until the time comes and both of these names become a common occurrence in your music libraries.

Before The Sun Goes Down

Sweden is on a roll this week! After Wouie gracing our pages yesterday, another act came across our inbox by the name of Pinguin with his track "Stay", and once again our love for Sweden grew. Keeping with the bubble gum pop sounds we know best, Pinguin builds on that by sticking with a jubilant sound that's sun filled to the core. The rolling guitars remind us of a carefree Passion Pit track floating on a cool breeze of an Emerson Jay tune. There's so many good feels riding on this track and through Pinguin's entire Under The Sun EP. One listen and you'll be transported back to the 80s, ready to dance through the day.

Monday, March 10, 2014

It's A Friday Night

It's been one of those Mondays where things just are buys, but the exhaustion is kicking quicker than most days. That's why we have a hot track to make things all better. Los Angeles band, Maudlin Strangers, bring us "Overdose", a true diamond in the rough that showcases indie rock in its perfect form. The track rides on relaxed vibes from the tropic guitars that echo in the distance. The synths are deep and powerful, yet subtle to the touch. The chorus leads grasps addictive lyrics that drive themselves deep within your mind leading yourself to singing them randomly throughout the day. Maudlin Strangers ride on the makings of a darkened indie rock similar of The Black Keys and Prelow. There's no stoping these guys as they've set themselves up with one amazing track that's going to have everyone hooked.

Hanging Round Too Long

We featured Paris Carney on here about a week and a half ago with her debut track "It's Always the Quiet Ones", and today she returns with a second offering that has us floating on cloud nine just after the first listen. "Astronaut" picks up exactly where Paris left off with her lyrical piece that induces a message of self empowerment. The production on this track has a classic pop mix that perfectly accompanies her flawless vocals that reign in the realm of a cross between the rulers of the indie scene, HAERTS, and the pop star status of Katy Perry. Paris has us literally going crazy with how much she's got going here. There's no doubt that she's prepping herself to become a household name in pop music! Paris will having you floating away on neon clouds in the middle of outer space with this pop hit as she comes in for the throne.

[LIVE] The Dubbarys + Sarah Leo + Novo Amor

Tally ho! If you remember back in December we launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for a London showcase for this spring. Well the time has finally arrived and we are proud to present the final product of a long journey of planning. We bring to you, on April 3rd at AAA in London, The Dubarrys with Sarah Leo and Novo Amor. This lineup is packed full with some names you're gonna want to be watching in the coming year. The Dubarrys, hot off of one of our favorites tracks "This Time", are finalizing their upcoming debut EP that's sure going to launch them into your favorite indie rock band of 2014. Sarah Leo will get your heart pumping with her sultry sounds, and Novo Amor will pull on your heart strings with his powering lyrics. It all goes down April 3rd. Tickets at £5 at the door and you're not going to want to miss this! Come out and have a drink and listen to some of the best upcoming acts of 2014. 

Solve Stories Untold

Today, we would like to introduce our new favorite Swedish band Wouie, who came into our lives through a single e-mail and literally had us going "where have you been all along". Their latest track "Unfold" comes smoothly, riding on the glaciers of a mountain peak (and leaving us in wow). The verses have a dash of Ghost Beach leading into a chorus and production that dives deep into the anthem-like rock songs of The Royal Concept mixed with Phoenix. The thing that throws us even more for a loop about Wouie is that these guys have a powering list of 3 other tracks already out. After listening to "Unfold" you'll find yourself going through their library and quickly becoming a super fan along with us. There's a clear indication that these guys are going to definitely break through within the year. We can only hope to see them hitting up the NYC indie scene and then instantly turning into a major breakout band. Watch out because Wouie is here for the kill!

Everything You Say

After knocking the blog world's socks off about a month ago with their single "Somethin", MVSCLES bring us a new track thats about 2 minutes of pumping production that will surely get your body moving. "Game" takes you into the intergalactic sound of a neon toxins that fill your lungs. You'll find yourself stuck in the cosmos of a tropical palms filtering the silver moonlight from above. The most interesting aspect of MVSCLES latest track is the inspiration is from their struggles with a major label. That being said their frustration led to the creation of this trap-style track that will have you jamming deep into the night.

Friday, March 7, 2014

String You Along

There's been a small sector of great pop music that's been growing quite quickly up in the Northwest. Today, we bring you another one to add to the pot--Belgian Fog, also known as Robert Dale, with his track "Loveless Way". This track builds on a powering production that reaches into the productions of a The New Division track. It bubbles as a powering chorus floats effortlessly over deep synths. There's definitely something brewing here with Belgian Fog that's gonna have you hooked.

I Could Be...

You're going to want to pay attention to this debut today. Eoin French, who goes by Talos, debuted his first single "Tethered Bones" yesterday and its slowly becoming one of our favorites to come out of nowhere and capture our attention. Talos' debut track throws you deep in to an endless fog, with a beacon signaling off in the distance. You'll find yourself doused  in codeine laced synths that twist and turn through your minds inner thoughts. Get lost in the pouring rain with Talos' debut, "Tethered Bones".

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Am A Warrior

Hoodlem came at us last year out of nowhere last year with two great release that set the mood for a sure-fire breakthrough. After leaving us for a few months, clearly to work on some hard-hitting tracks, Hoodlem is back with "Old Friend". Nothing has changed with Hoodlem's sound; its raw, sublt, minimalistic, and catchy as fuck. The track might be very minimalistic through and through, but something about the production and beats can't help but make you groove around the room singing along with the soulful sounding vocals. We like to think of Hoodlem as an drug that slowly will have you addicted for life.

Nobody Knows, But Me & You

Lucy Mason is a name you're going to want to get used to hearing in the music world. This Australian born singer dropped her enormous debut "Whit As Snow" that's crafted effortlessly. Lucy's influences reign from a long list of bands from her childhood, which explains exactly why she has a 90s pop sound that reigns over stadium guitars. Her voice is flawless as it powers through mountain sides and into valleys below. If you can't get enough of Lucy after listening to this track there's no need to fret, because she has her debut EP dropping March 31st. You can also catch her live in London at Ronnie Scott's on March 11th, at 9pm.

Can't Fill These Shoes

Dive into your 80s dreams with the new Cardiknox track "Wasted Youth" as the sun shines down on your skin on a perfect day. We've been following Cardiknox ever since dropping their debut single last summer. Cardiknox has that sound that's energetic and pulls out the inner 80s kid within you. "Wasted Youth" brings a tropical, reggae sound that reminds us of a Holychild song infused with glimmering synths on a sandy Californian beach. Take a trip through time with Cardiknox as they throw you back into what was the good old neon days.

Up, Up, Away

SXSW is approaching faster and the mad fluster of who to have on your long list of acts to see is slowly driving you insane. Today, we bring you an artist that is a definite must to have on your list--Zella Day. This Arizona girl's latest release, that's the purest of gold, is "Sweet Ophelia" takes you to a higher ground of sun filled days. Her lyrics channel dash of Lana Del Rey, as her chorus soars into a blinding light in the realm of a Say Lou Lou hit. Zella takes you away to a dream land where you're caught between reality and fantasy with this one. "Sweet Ophelia" is the A-side of her 7" release on B3SCI dropping this spring. You can check out where Zella is playing at SXSW here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Somethings Changing. I Don't Know Why

Shura jumped into the music industry about month ago with her debut single "Touch" that blew bloggers and music lovers away. She returns today with a music video that perfectly compliments this powering song. Its filled with levels of emotion that dive deeper into the layers of your heart with each watch. If you weren't sold on Shura at first you will be after watching this video. It's artistically brilliant!

A Big Deal Out Of Nothing

Today is that awesome day where everything got 10x better--Great Good Fine Ok is back riding high on a looping synth that will catch you in the groove from the ver first second of the song. "Not Going Home" picks up exactly where this Brooklyn band left off, stealing our hearts and sending them riding on the highs of life. Everything about Great Good Fine Ok brings playfulness to a killing synth track filled with a chorus that knocks your socks off and has you losing your mind. These guys have everything in their favor to be the break out act of 2014, so start following them religiously because you won't want to miss a thing.

You Know You Want It!

If you follow us on twitter religiously you might just realize how much we love UK duo IYES. After releasing their debut "'Til Infinity" and their follow up cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", they are dropping a sexy vinyl with these two killer tracks on it that you won't want to pass up! All you have to do to get the chance to win a free copy is to sign up for their mailing list (scroll to the bottom of their page and enter your email). Along with that you can improve your chances by sharing the post on Facebook and Twitter. Don't miss your chance to get some free slick vinyl! 

Bloody Up My Knuckles

Hope on board the Denny White train with his latest track "Burn Out". Bringing a rock/pop sound, Denny's latest channels the world-ending synths of an Imagine Dragons' track powering through the thunder heads above. Denny White has recently signed with Warner/Chappell meaning there are even bigger things to come from this guy. You'll find yourself sailing into a storm filled with acidic electronics with that light off in the distance of a clearing sky of hope.