Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thief For The Perfect Crime

Olivia Sebastianelli has been working the music scene a bit under the radar as of lately. She released an EP last year, but since then not much has been floating around about any new music from her. Today, we get a new dose from this Londoner with her latest track "Sunset" that sticks with her classic acoustic sound. Olivia's overall sound is delicate like a flower about to bloom, and with that her music opens your senses and allows you to feel every emotion within you at once. "It's basically about being with someone who makes the world seem like it just belongs to the two of you if only for a few stolen hours." To us, "Sunset" reminds us walking through a garden after a short spring rain with all of the flowers just ready to bloom into the beauty of summer. Get lost in Olivia's latest as she flutters and flies through your mind.

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