Saturday, February 1, 2014

No Way Back Home

Take a dive into the Danish indie pop scene with the new sounds of Slow Celebration, consisting of Esben Andersen and Mad D. Kristiansen, who will have you in a high definition coma of neon lights. In their track "Light", Slow Celebrations rides digital waves as they flus and flow through the veins of a machine working on maximum speed as they channel an industrial electronic sound similar to the very early years of MØ. The beat has a high energy thump that's infectious with its futuristic sound quality. The synth work trickles down and then reverses back up the wall taking your nightmares and scattering them across the room ready for your to dance them away. If there is any duo from Denmark you need to be keeping your eyes on the look out for then it is definitely Slow Celebration. They capture an ever-changing sound that will having you find yourself addicted at every listen.

1 comment:

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