Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Just Forget

The brilliant band CHVRCHES are working on more than just making their own music. They are currently jump starting their own record label with their first release by talented 17-year-old Soak. The title track off of her upcoming EP "Blud" is another one to add to the list of mature teenagers proving the world wrong. Her voice is effortless, with a distinct accent that captures your heart. Her folk sound captures remnants of an Ásgeir track strumming to the high lands. There's so much innocence and beauty behind Soak's music that you picture it perfectly accompanying a sweet movie about love. Soak is already killing it by already having toured with Tegan and Sara and now touring with CHVRCHES. With a team this powerful behind her there's no stopping her as she climbs to the top.

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