Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Was Lost

If you've been waiting for Adele to finally make her long awaited return then this post isn't going to be exactly what you're looking for although you may just want to continue reading because this new track might just be your kind of taste. London's own Jess Glynne just dropped her latest single "Home" today and her voice reminds us of Adele in its soulful ways. Instead of a heart breaking song about love, Jess Glynne has delivered a song about the troubles of a long day where at the end of the day you get home and everything is a relief. The production has a tribal beat and dives into the realm of a Lo-Fanglike production. Jess Glynne's got the voice of an angel and her track will have you jamming out on repeat all through the day. Turn up that radio and get down.

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