Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fucked Up So Bad

Today, we bring you a track that is almost as if you cut open your heart and let you emotions flow out into a song. RÁJ has done just that with his second official single "Let Me Love You". The song is melancholy with the simple strumming of a guitar over echoing sounds that haunt a side of you that once loved someone you knew you could never have. After the first chorus it picks up with a scratching otherwordly sound that reminds us of frozen raindrops hitting the windows on those days that are cold, but not yet frozen. There is a sense of warmth to this unforgettable track by RÁJ that almost feels like it was made for a vinyl release. RÁJ is definitely one you'll want to watch this year as he let's his heart pour out through his heart wrenching songs.

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