Monday, February 24, 2014

Days Go By

Brooklyn better watch out because there's a new name on the scene that's lit the match and is ready for some wide spread chaos. This new name is Skyes, who diving into the NYC music scene full force with their debut single "A Girl Named Jake". This track is filled with a 90s rocker chick sound with some vocals that scream girl power. The song adds a bit of synth pop with some glistening soundscapes that haunt your soul. Skyes' vocals soar in the realm of rock, but have an enormous sense of pure pop at the same time. A highlight of this track is the oh so attractive Passion Pitlike breakdown, that will have your head spinning with joy.  It's this mix that catches you off guard and makes you have to listen again and again. If you can't get enough of this EP then don't fret. Skyes will be hitting up Cameo Gallery on February 28th. Be sure to check out this rising act in the Brooklyn scene.