Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blood All Over

Last month Racing Glaciers sent the blog-sphere into a running frenzy with their irresistibly good single "New Country", and now these guys are back with their second single, "Moths", off of their upcoming EP Ahead of You Forever. Racing Glaciers kick off this track with a classic rock sound, dropping things down when the lyrics, flowing off the tongue in its folk style readings like they were coming from an leather bound book, come in for to coincide with the soothing melody. The track takes its time picking up into a more steady rock beat--growing stronger and stronger letting the guitar take the lead in front of the lyrics. The exchange between the vocals and the guitars rock your soul, making you love every second of any song Racing Glaciers has put your way. When we say keep your eyes on the look out for these guys we mean it. Big things are in store for them with their sound that will capture your heart and make you a fan for life.

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