Friday, February 28, 2014

Never See Us Coming

Paris Carney is the  new Los Angeles sweetheart on the horizon with her debut single "It's Always The Quiet Ones". Her debut single is jubilant with an inspirational message behind the lyrics. Its laced with a shimmering synth production that aligns with her purest of pure vocals that paint the sky in gold. Paris Carney has that super star quality of being the girl next door like Zooey Deschanel. You'll find yourself lost in the world Paris has created with her wonderful debut.

Don't Wanna Be Lonely

After lighting a fire about a year ago with a debut single, Sons & Lovers are back with something new that's going to rock your bones. "Lover" starts off with a chiming guitar that is subtle and sincere. Leading from the calm before the storm, these guys start an instant storm of fire and ice with a powering Imagine Dragons-like chorus that rocks the earth below your feet. You'll find yourself head banging away, ready to get lost in the words of these four Londoners. Basically Sons & Lovers is the powerhouse rock song we've been looking for.

Put It In The Fucking Bag

Sizzy Rocket is coming full force at us with her debut single "I Wanna Rob". Giving off a grungy funk sound that's got the likings of an Amy Winehouse track in the verses. The big part comes when Sizzy holds back nothing and bursts forward with a chorus that shatters mountains with its energy and angst. The mix of funk and the ever rising trap genre combines perfectly for a listening experience that is dark and rock filled. This Las Vegas girl gone New York killed us with this track and she's sure to do the same with you. She'll rob you of everything with this track, leaving you standing there not knowing what hit you.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Silver Bullet Touch

Back in January we brought you Epique's single "Relapse Love", and today he delivers another masterpiece, "Kill Me Perfectly". Epique's last track had some major pop qualities that made for a perfect gem that showcased his songwriting ability. This time with "Kill Me Perfectly" he takes a step away from the straight forward pop song into a heavy EDM-style track that will have you going crazy in the club. There's no doubt that Epique is creating quite the windstorm with his releases that have amazed us each time, but there's more to come from this NYU student. He's got a long list of unreleased works that showcase his true songwriting talent. Chances are this kid is going to go far both as an artist himself and as a hit writer in the coming years.

Be My Personal Drug

Mystery artists alert! Huntar is new to the scene with a just release debut single "Expectations". Basically dropping this track and letting it speak for itself. Long story short:  we are hooked! There's a dusty sound to Huntars debut creating an illusion that builds with powering minimalistics that build into  synths that reign over the production. The track continues to a powering dance beat that dives into the sounds of an Asbjørn track. The vocals power through everything and showcase a truly talent individual that's icy at first, but welcoming underneath it all. We are calling it now that this artist is one to keep your eyes on as this debut is sure to propel him into a successful year. Let Huntar be your "personal drug" what might just be one of the hottest of tracks this week.

Who We've Turned Out To Be

DNKL graced our pages last year with their minimalistic sounding debut single "Hunt" that had us in amazement, and now they are back with a powering high energy track by the name of "Battles". This track starts off with their darkened sound infused with a powering synth that brings a rush of light into the room, flickering at light speeds. The vocals have a vintage touch mixed with an 80s rush of crystalizing pop. DNKL definitely takes pop to a whole new level with an experimental touch. They bring traces of pop from the past and infuse it with sounds we've never heard before.

Long Way Home

After winning our hearts back in 2012 with a powering EP, DWN TWN is back with some new works on their hands and they are kicking things off with "Til Tomorrow". The track channels the inner LA kid sound, in the areas of a Grouplove track, that DWN TWN is known best for. This new track sticks with the electronic sounds from their last EP, but definitely adds a bit more of a rock influence that balances things out perfectly into light yet hard sound like The Naked and Famous. "Til Tomorrow" will surely have you falling back in love with this band as they reenter your mind with a rocking new track. Watch out for their latest EP to drop in April via Julian Records.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Waiting On The One

Sydney electro/rock group East of Ely is back with a roaring single, "Waterfalls", that's riding high the palm trees of a California landscape. Bringing some synths from the outer space realm of Blood Cultures and mixing it with lyrics that sound like a Magic Man hit, these guys have created a full on rock anthem for that sun-filled glory of a summers day. Put on your shades and sit back as the sun beats down while listening to this hot track.

Flow of Your Blood

Like an echo across a barren sea, Vancouver Sleep Clinic comes at us with their latest track "Flaws". This track travels across lands far and wide with its smooth essence like a mist in the dead of winter. It's light and calm, yet powering with the falsetto of epic proportions. Vancouver Sleep Clinic has mad a name for themselves in the past couple of months. After picking up some opening act spots on big name tours, Vancouver Sleep Clinic is making themselves a household name you'll love forever.

Build Your Bridge and Burn It Down

There's a new band coming up on the horizon that goes by the name of Grand Courriers. Reigning from Minnesota, these guys channel a rocking folk sound filled with Beirut-like horns and melancholy Alt-j vocals that are warming to the soul. Things remain in a slower form until the very end where a sun-filled rock break down builds to the last seconds of the song leading off into the blazing sunset on the horizon. The band, consisting of Brady and Donald, who have known each other since they were young and music has always been infused in their friendship eventually leading to the creation of this wondrous band. A glory of folk and rock for a debut is the perfect way to make an everlasting impression on a listener, and Grand Courriers have done just that.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last week a major track dropped from New York duo Chordashian featuring another one of our favorite sister duos Frances Rose. "Questions" is a club banger that features those shimmering synths of an 80s-wonder hit mixed with the flawless vocals of these sisters as they dance and twirl on top of rocking house beats that are perfectly fitting for the glimmering dance floors. Chordashian teaming up with Frances Rose was the best thing that happened in our books. Its that song you wanna grab a someone and lose track of the world in the club.

Queen of the Clouds

After slaying the world with her catchy single "Habits" last year, Tove Lo is ramping up for a major release of her debut EP Truth Serum on Neon Gold Records. Her latest single "Not On Drugs" is a powering rock ballad that spins in the perfect pop aspects we love from "Habits". Sticking with her signature sound, Tove Lo dives into a darker realm of Swedish pop that's so undeniably addictive you'll find yourself playing this hot track on repeat for the rest of the year. Tove Lo is set to make her U.S. debut at SXSW and then continue her takeover with more performances throughout this spring season. Prepare to be in a drug induced comma after Tove Lo slays you on her way to the realm of pop royalty. Truth Serum drops March 3rd worldwide.

Blood All Over

Last month Racing Glaciers sent the blog-sphere into a running frenzy with their irresistibly good single "New Country", and now these guys are back with their second single, "Moths", off of their upcoming EP Ahead of You Forever. Racing Glaciers kick off this track with a classic rock sound, dropping things down when the lyrics, flowing off the tongue in its folk style readings like they were coming from an leather bound book, come in for to coincide with the soothing melody. The track takes its time picking up into a more steady rock beat--growing stronger and stronger letting the guitar take the lead in front of the lyrics. The exchange between the vocals and the guitars rock your soul, making you love every second of any song Racing Glaciers has put your way. When we say keep your eyes on the look out for these guys we mean it. Big things are in store for them with their sound that will capture your heart and make you a fan for life.

Keep It Coming

Epic Records has got a new signee to their roster and he's killing it with a debut EP. Kesington Kross crosses over the new age of music with a vintage 80s Miguel and Frank Ocean meets Prince sound that has the driving factors that make for a pure hit. His music video for his first single "Gimme You Love" is futuristic in every way and let's the creativity flow. One listen and you'll know that Kesington Kross will be blowing up your radios soon enough with a song that's perfect for those late night car rides. Be sure to check out his full EP Audio Justice below. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Come Take It Away

After winning our hearts over with darkened debut single "Unbound" last year, Cathedrals is back but with a sunny lullaby that goes by the name of "Harlem". Starting off with vocals from the heavens above of Deidre & the Dark quality, this track channels none other than the sound of where Cathedrals reigns from--sunny San Francisco. This duo gives a perfect production on the borderline of a rock song and a perfect glistening pop gem that shimmers in the roaring waves as they roll onto the shore. You'll find yourself riding those waves to a slow grooving ending that has you sipping on sweet nectar of a summer's day. 

Remember To Breathe

New Arcades drop their latest single today "Reappear" that blasts you off into the cosmos with its intergalactic synth pop ballad. Giving off a Lovelife sound, New Arcades take things to an 80s pop level that elevates you into weightlessness. You'll find yourself floating toward the stars and dancing with the planets on this one. Take off to a new dimension with New Arcades soothing synths that push the boundaries out of this world. New Arcades drop their Scenes EP this Thursday, February 28, so be sure to watch out for that.

Days Go By

Brooklyn better watch out because there's a new name on the scene that's lit the match and is ready for some wide spread chaos. This new name is Skyes, who diving into the NYC music scene full force with their debut single "A Girl Named Jake". This track is filled with a 90s rocker chick sound with some vocals that scream girl power. The song adds a bit of synth pop with some glistening soundscapes that haunt your soul. Skyes' vocals soar in the realm of rock, but have an enormous sense of pure pop at the same time. A highlight of this track is the oh so attractive Passion Pitlike breakdown, that will have your head spinning with joy.  It's this mix that catches you off guard and makes you have to listen again and again. If you can't get enough of this EP then don't fret. Skyes will be hitting up Cameo Gallery on February 28th. Be sure to check out this rising act in the Brooklyn scene.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sun In Your Eyes

We featured Cash+David earlier this month with their debut single Funn that was sun washed with the sands of a California beach. After receiving a great response, they give us a video for this track that features a dance off between Johnny Cash and David Bowie lookalikes. The intensity of the battle puts you on edge making you love every moment of it. With a single that kills and a video that's not over the top by entertaining in every sense Cash+David are setting themselves up for a year filled with nothing but good things.

Cocktails Sipped Between The Sheets

Starting off her career recording some beautiful covers of a few hits, Eloise Keating is readily working her way into writing some original works. Her first studio original, "Be My Ghost", is something of excellent standards that haunts every inch of your body. This track, inspired by The Great Gatsby, is elegant as the piano reckons with a sadness and what feels like a steel drum adds a despair as it echoes across a fog covered lake. The strings build the song higher and higher into lustful lostness. One listen and you'll feel the darkness roll in slowly fade you away. Get to know Eloise now before she starts releasing more music because you won't want to miss this major talent.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fall Away

If you haven't heard about Glassnote's latest signee, the get familiar with them now. Holychild has killed us in the past with some independent releases that have made them quite the talk of the town and yesterday they released their first single off of their upcoming EP, "Every Time I Fall". Channeling a major No Doubt reggae hit, this duo brings you to a Caribbean paradise as they bring in the sun for a pool party filled with neon pool toys and fruity drinks while catching some rays. Holychild is definitely one to watch for 2014 as they hit up some live dates and are destine to be a house hold name.

Trying To Hold On

Our new favorite Belgium duo Toner is back with a new single, "Losing Control", that's deep and truthful while reaching into a slow banger that will catch your attention in a second. Like being trapped in the dark--alone and lost--Toner brings that light at the end of the tunnel with Sophie's calming vocals that shine in the night like a beacon in the sky. The production brings the sense of emptiness of losing control of a love you held so dearly brings on. This duo is killing us softly with their depth defying talent. If you're not a fan of them after listening to this track then you better get out, because Toner is here to kill it!

You Don't Know My Heart

Lincoln Jesser is the man that's been killing it with his high intensity tracks that have you screaming for more electronic goodness this last year. He continues his reign of chilly electronics with a cover of Twin Shadow's "Run My Heart". Staying true to his tinkering synths, we get the taste of a lost Neon Indian record leading into a radio friendly break down that's smooth as ice melting in the heat of a summers day. Melt slowly into this track as it takes control of your heart beat.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Someone Else's Eyes

Get to know your new favorite LA indie rock band Max and the Moon with their new single "Crazy" that just dropped today. Kicking the song off on a good start this four piece band kicks things off with Young the Giant vintage Cali rock vibe. They dive into a rocking chorus that has you chanting along, saying "Come On". The verses have a calmer level that allows the rocking chorus become the shining moment in this undeniably catchy tune. You'll definitely find yourself going crazy over Ma and the Moon.

Waking Up Alone

Take one listen and you'll find yourself swooning over Nick Hakim's latest single "Pour Another" that premiered earlier this week on The Fader. Diving into a minimalistic sound, Nick Hakim's newest track can be described in one way only--sun-blazed soulfulness. The texture of the piece is raw in every element from the pianos to the guitars to the simple drums that keep things moving calmly forward into the sunset on the horizon. Set sail into the mind of Nick Hakim with this one.

Subtle, Subtle, Sublte

There's a new fierce Swedish girl who's coming with a vengeance by the name of Julia Spada. After working with Saturday, Monday about a year ago, she comes at us with her in-the-face debut "Reptile Mission". With a banging beat that drops like glasses hitting the floor, this Swed brings the energy that makes her voice a melty pool of soulful goodness. The fusing synths muse with the title itself giving off the cold scaly feeling of a reptile. Julia is one to watch within this next year as she immerses herself into her own music that will surely rise her to the top.

Secret Safe With Me

You know its a good day when Mr Little Jeans drops a new single after leaving us for almost a year craving for her electropop sweetness. "Good Mistake" has that feel good vibe that's got a bit of Charli XCX sass that reckons with technological stars beating down on the warm beach on summers night. Mr Little Jeans has been slaying us ever since her cover of Arcade Fire's "Suburbs" about two years ago. This Norwegian won our hearts over and has slowly progressed to the back of our minds, but she's back and ready for her long await takeover.  Watch as her creative juices flow through your ears like neon lemonade in the dead of night.

Think So Far Ahead

The Night VI nailed it last year with an enormous debut, and now they this London group is back with a cover of another one of our favorites, Frank Ocean's "Thinking of You". Sticking with their calming guitar driven sound, The Night VI bring a soulful feeling in the realm of an Arthur Beatrice song. They bring a perfect depiction of love and heartfelt notes that make you want to weep with joy as you hold onto your lover all throughout the night. They have a late 60s vibe that channels a some good hippy vibes that scream peace for all. You'll find yourself loving The Nigh VI as they swoon you into tears with this beautiful cover.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Far From Home

One of the highly anticipated albums of the year is dropping next week and in preparations of this windstorm of brilliance Arthur Beatrice is streaming the it on various websites this week and released a new track, "Councillor". The track starts off with a hymn like organ that grasps the feelings of an empty church. As the song burst into its melancholy rock sound, you find yourself ready to confess your sins with this track that borders on your haunting aspects, but also reaches new levels of peacefulness at the same time. Arthur Beatrice is one of those acts you just can't deny. They have the classic sound that reaches into you and pulls out your darkest fears while also bringing out the happiest of times. Working Out will be out next week, February 24, so be sure to pick up your copy.

A Matter Of Time

Meet Paris up-comers Call Me Señor with their latest track "Sandstorm". This indie rock band has got that sound that you love that channels the perfect pieces of a Phoenix track, while spinning in a creative spice in the realm of Miami Horror. A true band of true Frenchmen, these guys bring it hard with a grooving 70s vibe. The smooth driving synths morph with the guitars to capture your attention and spin you into the powering guitar solo towards the end that will have you craving more.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Teenage Wasteland

There's a new cool kid on the block and she goes by the name of Kate Miller. This 19-year-old Londoner brings us her second offering, "Collar Up", that's beyond anything we've been hearing lately. This single acts as a ode to the rebels of the world--not caring who gets in their way. You'll find yourself strolling down the street in your kicks with your sunglasses on as Kate's voice echoes among a wasteland of crashing buildings and dusty skies. Kate Miller clearly has channeled a darkened Bastille sound with this one and sticks with some powerful yet subtle vocals that channel in the realm of Lorde and CHVRCHES. You better watch out because this cool kid is taking no shit. Keep a look out for Kate Miller.

Keep The Car Running

Like a warm summer's breeze, Goodbye Chanel swept across our desktop today with latest single "Foreva". Like the soundtrack to a vintage California summer, this British band rides the chill waves up to the pier reaching out across the beach and into the ocean. The glistening guitars give off a sense of the shimmering lights of a ferris wheel and a night of giggling with friends in a convertible breathing in every scent from that salty sea air. One listen and you'll be transported back to those hot summer days of young love and crazy nights.

Dreaming For A Million Years

One of our top favorite Swedish pop stars has been killing us slowly these past six months with her slaying voice and fierce presence. After dropping a brilliant debut, "Bon Voyage", and then a ballad that shook the earth, "Stay Awake", Marlene ∞ delivers an jaw dropping video for her second offering. This video is pure cinematic genius showing Marlene's time in LA this past fall and clearly showcasing how much of an unstoppable force she really is. Watching this video once isn't enough. You'll find yourself watching it on repeat, wanting to immerse yourself in Marlene's dreams.

Because Love Is Blind

There's some sick sounds coming from central Europe right now. In a part of the world where the music scene is rather unknown lies a hidden treasure of sound known as Paperdeer. This electronic band is based out of the beautiful city of Budapest and brings a twist on the everlasting electronic sounds coming from Europe. Their track "Up To The Top" features Emese Stewart with her melancholy voice that's softly spoken. Their production reminds us a lot of The New Division except with a calmer approach keeping things in the technological realm. After one listen of Paperdeer's track you'll find yourself lifted up with its joyful aspects and the excellent crafting of this track. Paperdeer's self titled EP is available now on Spotify and iTunes.

Search For You In Barren Lands

Blooms graced our page about two weeks ago with her debut single "Skin". Now she's back with her second single "If I" that is reaches into the depth of the ocean and captures the calm of the deep. Blooms' voice dances across the floating waves of lonliness as they crash upon your shores of sadness. "If I" is not a club banger, and that isn't what we would expect from Blooms after her haunting debut, but there's something about this song that has a level of power that reaches deep within you and pulls at your fears and questions. After one listen you'll find your head filled with questions you never thought you had about the world and more will continue to fill your head throughout the day. It's some deep stuff with Blooms.

Friday, February 14, 2014

White Washed Flower

The man that has become recently know as the one of the masterminds behind the undeniably addicted Beyonce album is back with his second solo offering, "Dust". Boots has taken a more abrasive approach on this song, stepping away from his strumming guitars to bring a booming track. It has an apocalyptic desert sound that is calm, but has this underlying sense that something big is ready to explode. His lyrics have the ability to appear as if they just flow out of his mind and into your ears, creating an everlasting impression on your very thoughts. Prepare for the apocalypse as Boots destroys all of his competition with this faded explosion of greatness.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thief For The Perfect Crime

Olivia Sebastianelli has been working the music scene a bit under the radar as of lately. She released an EP last year, but since then not much has been floating around about any new music from her. Today, we get a new dose from this Londoner with her latest track "Sunset" that sticks with her classic acoustic sound. Olivia's overall sound is delicate like a flower about to bloom, and with that her music opens your senses and allows you to feel every emotion within you at once. "It's basically about being with someone who makes the world seem like it just belongs to the two of you if only for a few stolen hours." To us, "Sunset" reminds us walking through a garden after a short spring rain with all of the flowers just ready to bloom into the beauty of summer. Get lost in Olivia's latest as she flutters and flies through your mind.

Slow Dancing To Anything Playing

If you haven't heard of Betty Who and fallen madly in love with her yet then we really need to talk about where you have been this past year. After having a killer 2013 with major success from her first EP The Movement and then releasing a collaboration with Peter Thomas at the very end of the year, she has proven herself an unstoppable force in the music industry. This week she released the studio version of her first single off of her upcoming second EP, "Heartbreak Dream". The track channels her signature sound of a pop goddess who knows how to rock out hard while staying true to the 80s. If you've seen Betty Who live within the past six months then you might have heard this track live. What amazes us is how perfectly the recorded version depicts the live version. It says a lot when an artist can keep a consistent sound that crosses both into the live and recorded realm. If you aren't 100% certain that Betty Who is coming for the pop queen crown after listening to this one then you better get out, because she's here and ready to claim the throne.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Magnetized To Your Taste

After dropping their debut single "Gimme Some", the unstoppable force that has been brewing Powers is back with their second offering "Money" and it will blow you away. Sticking with an electronic pop sound, this duo has crafted something we haven't heard from many of the duos flooding the indie pop scene as of lately. Powers has a perfectly executed production. Proving themselves professions, they have worked with big names like Selena Gomez and Icona Pop. What we love most about these two is how they are so diverse with what they are doing. They have crafted their own sound that catches you attention and makes you listen all the way through. At the same time, they are writing in the taste of other artists, showing how diverse and how much a powerhouse this duo is. There's no need to compare the sound of "Money" to any other artists because it can stand 100% on its own. One listen and you'll be addicted like a good drug. We normally wouldn't say this either, but after this release Powers has literally taken the cake for 2014. They have set themselves up for major success in the coming months and nothing is going to take them down from this pedestal. It is here where we stop talking and let the music speak for itself. Take a listen below and slowly find yourself going insane on how out of the world Powers is. You might just have to check into rehab for this one.

All Of Those Hearts

RY X has been making quite some noise from his debut single "Berlin" to upcoming tour this spring. What might actually be the next big thing to break through is his opening act Rhosyn, also know as Rose Dagul, with her song "Don't Keep Losing Heart". Rhosyn is the perfect fit for RY X because she keeps this strong acoustic folk sound. Rhosyn's singing echoes through the fjords of a Scandinavian country, leading into an open field and bringing sunlight into the dead of night. We can't help but comparing her to the powerful lady that is Florence and the Machine. Rhosyn has won our hearts over. There's no doubt she'll win yours over.

I Was Lost

If you've been waiting for Adele to finally make her long awaited return then this post isn't going to be exactly what you're looking for although you may just want to continue reading because this new track might just be your kind of taste. London's own Jess Glynne just dropped her latest single "Home" today and her voice reminds us of Adele in its soulful ways. Instead of a heart breaking song about love, Jess Glynne has delivered a song about the troubles of a long day where at the end of the day you get home and everything is a relief. The production has a tribal beat and dives into the realm of a Lo-Fanglike production. Jess Glynne's got the voice of an angel and her track will have you jamming out on repeat all through the day. Turn up that radio and get down.

Heavy Fists

Once again Kiings has amazed us with their latest single "Feel", proving that Wisconsin has got a lot to offer in them music scene. This track features the awe-inspiring vocals of Rae Cassidy that float effortlessly over the tribal-like drums that drive the sentimental feelings through your body and into the heavens above. The production is a perfect combination of an acoustic/African sound border lining the realm of dance music. The lightness of this track is heart warming and playful. The track tiptoes across the sky leaving ripples in the clouds. Take one listen and you'll feel the connect that this track has the potential to be a lost Foxes track that's finally emerging. Kiings have proven that they are stopping at nothing to be the kings of pop production.

Can't Stop Running

Starar has been releasing music for over four years and has been making changes to their sound for each release. It might just be that they have been trying to find that right sound, being creative and true to the music they were being inspired by at the time their music was written. Recently this duo released their latest single, "Unbelievable", which has a quality of a 60s/70s rock vibe with the crashing cymbals and faded sound. The beginning lets the guitars shine, leading into a the continuous building of a true classic rock sounding track. Starar has clearly shown that they have been working hard on music these past four years and have been working to create some unforgettable music.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fucked Up So Bad

Today, we bring you a track that is almost as if you cut open your heart and let you emotions flow out into a song. RÁJ has done just that with his second official single "Let Me Love You". The song is melancholy with the simple strumming of a guitar over echoing sounds that haunt a side of you that once loved someone you knew you could never have. After the first chorus it picks up with a scratching otherwordly sound that reminds us of frozen raindrops hitting the windows on those days that are cold, but not yet frozen. There is a sense of warmth to this unforgettable track by RÁJ that almost feels like it was made for a vinyl release. RÁJ is definitely one you'll want to watch this year as he let's his heart pour out through his heart wrenching songs.

Crushing Hearts

We've been keeping an eye out on Coasts for quite some time and finally we get a new track from this Bristol Brits. "A Rush of Blood" continues where they left us last year. This new song has got a ramped up beat that builds into a high energy frenzy that is the perfect indie rocker sound. Its songs like these that remind us of summer, blasting them in the car, singing along to ever word as the day speeds by. Coasts reminds us a lot of the high energy of Two Door Cinema Club mixed with that arena sound of the new comers Secret Company. Get into your car. Plug "A Rush of Blood" into your stereo and zoom on off into the sunset, cruising at the speed of light.

Restless Skin

This fall East of Ely made quite some noise with their single "Came Without". Now a few months later, we finally get the visually-pleasing official video for this hot jam from down under. The video is filled with neon lights, graffiti, and darkened nights. The artistic value of video perfectly compliments this killer track that has that indie/rock, danceable quality. You'll find yourself hooked on East of Ely after this if you aren't already.

Fuck Me Over

If you're from Australia and familiar with Triple J Unearthed then you're probably familiar with PJ Wolf, who has traded in his guitars for some synths to craft a new project that goes by the name of Thief. Driven by a trickling synth, his latest release "Closer" leads through lyrical verses that drive into a hornlike chorus that showcases his range of voice that's filled with frustration towards a love that isn't working. Thief's playfulness reminds us a lot of EXROYALE and Vimes with its electronic infusion that's peppy and very much an up-and-coming sound. What out world because Thief is coming for you!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Where'd You Go?

We've been searching long and hard for that song that just screams hidden gem. This hidden gem is definitely the debut single "Ghost" by Halsey. This girl has got an extremely high energy sound fused with a percussive Ellie Goulding-like beat that's borderline dance. Her vocals ride between the realm of CHVRCHES and pure pop diva. From the first beat you get this sense of fierceness that chills your body, but makes you latch on for the ride craving more as each second passes. The verses flow effortlessly from her mouth in a rap-style form transitioning perfectly into the aw-inspiring chorus. This girl has got the talent and the lyrics that are going to launch her into superstardom. Keep your eyes on the lookout for this talent.

I Want Your Problems

You better be ready for a journey through your dreams with this one coming to us from Gallant. This Los Angeles kid gave the world his latest offering "Forfeit" which takes you through a haze of dreams and smokiness. His lyrics flow off the tongue with his invigorating vocals that are effortless in every way possible. The smooth R&B vibe calms the mind as it elevates you into the air making you feel weightless. There's something to say when a song can take you on that deep of a journey. Gallant is proving himself to win over your heart with just one listen of this track that's the soundtrack of your dreams.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Broken Down System

There's nothing like some smooth R&B coming to us from the sunny state of California and that is just what Mega is doing with their track "Forget The World". Mega has a very minimalistic sound quite similar to White Royal, but is filled almost with a 70s funk groove that keeps the track moving forward. Their lyrics channel a simpler kinda of life, carefree and sunny in every way possible. The Cali guitar strums perfectly capture the surging waves as they wash up onto the shore of a white sand beach. Mega has that perfect indie rock sound that pushes the boundaries on the genre. For now we can only wait to see what Mega has in store for 2014. Hopefully its more grooving tunes with a sun-filled glow.

Let's Just Forget

The brilliant band CHVRCHES are working on more than just making their own music. They are currently jump starting their own record label with their first release by talented 17-year-old Soak. The title track off of her upcoming EP "Blud" is another one to add to the list of mature teenagers proving the world wrong. Her voice is effortless, with a distinct accent that captures your heart. Her folk sound captures remnants of an Ásgeir track strumming to the high lands. There's so much innocence and beauty behind Soak's music that you picture it perfectly accompanying a sweet movie about love. Soak is already killing it by already having toured with Tegan and Sara and now touring with CHVRCHES. With a team this powerful behind her there's no stopping her as she climbs to the top.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Is All I Need

There's one girl you're going to want to keep a look out for this year and that is London's own Only Girl. Her latest release "Bittersweet" comes to you with an Ariana Grande feel. Her voice is sweet and innocent while there's an underlying flare that makes you love her more and more. She's fierce, yet her soothing R&B sound makes you swoon at every note. There's no point where you find yourself falling out of love with her voice that echoes off the hills like a true superstar. She's very much like a smooth, classic R&B version of Marlene ∞. Basically Only Girl will be the "only girl" you'll want to listen to for days on end.

Keep Me Company

Coming into the music scene with an anonymous release, Blooms brought us her lustful debut "Skin". Skin has a minimalistic sound driven by mono sounding synths that keep things smooth and elegant. Her vocals have an Imogen Heap quality that are light as a feather and smooth as ice. She builds the song to a climax where her soundscapes push the song out of this world into a new dimension. Blooms will take you on a journey out of this world with this debut. There's no telling where she'll go with her next offering which will be dropping on Dusk, Dais, Dawn this spring.

Sparkle Like A Savior

A little something new coming from the UK today. Cash+David is a new band coming to us with their crunching California beach sound with a debut single "Funn". The very beginning has the makings of a NONONO song, but builds into sun washed echoes of guitars. Transitioning from a haze Cash+David dive into the ocean waves of a crunch rock sound. This hot new band has got the makings of The Chain Gang of 1974 rock sound mixed with the soaring electronics of MVSCLES taken to a darker level. "Funn" has that feeling of an old surfer movie, riding that wave of a lifetime, risking everything for that adrenaline. Just with one listen and you'll immerse yourself in your inner rocker sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Kissed A Man

King Avriel has been on our radar as rising talent coming from the L.A. area with her smooth R&B style that dips its toes into the top of a trap-stylized sound. Yesterday, she dropped a video for her song "Freedom" which basic yet filled with layers that make you delve into unanswered questions. The song itself is very short, coming in only at a minute and a half, but she proves in that time her talent and creativity with this video. Definitely watch out for King Avriel as she has the drive and energy to come for the throne. 

Bad Times Are Coming

There has been so much undeniably great talent emerging from the UK so far this year, but after today one might just have that special place in your heart aches of life. Jack Garratt delivers to the world his latest "I Couldn't Want You Anyway" which reaches into the depths of despair of a broken heart. The composition is simple with a rustic piano that builds the foundation. His lyrics float light with his soft yet raw vocals that are written almost like a page from a letter to a between lovers gone wrong almost like a Hozier-like track. There's no doubt that by the end of listening to Jack Garratt's beautiful, soul-ridden voice you will find ourself in tears, lying in your bed, tears falling slowly down your cheeks onto your pillow. Jack Garratt will win your heart over as your favorite aritist from the UK with this track that pulls at something inside you and lets your heart pour out.