Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Worshiped Through My Virtue

As with all types of pop music, what is now popular will fade and a new type will prove to rise to the top. Perhaps the next big thing in pop is a more experimental approach. We see it with Lorde as she conquers the charts with her minimalistic sound. Quite recently more experimental pop artists are beginning to make a stir and of these is Ninetails with their latest single "Radiant Hex". Starting off with a backwards motion mixed with African soul, Ninetails takes things a step further from ambience building into an R&B/electronic beat. A soothing voice twirls with some smooth jazz trumpets shining like a bright star in the night sky.  "Radiant Hex" is presented with so many levels, but at the same time these extensive layers all melt together to form a masterpiece of godly proportions. Ninetails paints bold colors with "Radiant Hex" off of their upcoming release Quiet Confidence. This trio is one to watch as they bring experimental-pop into the forefront of music.

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