Sunday, January 12, 2014

Worlds Collide

We normally don't post on the weekend, but something enormous is brewing here. Glass brings us a debut single, "Bed" today, and it might just be the starting point of something that escalates to the top. With a calming beginning, the vocals come in and take your breathe away, sending you drifting into a dream world of burning water and weightlessness. Glass takes things down even further to an electronic drum interlude that leads to a continuing mix of electronics and ambient sounds rising to a finale that wins your heart over and leaves you craving more of this everlasting wonder as it drops you back into the real world. The overall sound is a mix of James Blake's soulful sound, and a SOHN production, iced to perfection with a overall new and unique sound that's out of this world. An amazing debut filled with brilliant moments. Glass is set to release a debut EP Follies and Old Flames later this month, so keep Glass on your radar.

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