Saturday, January 25, 2014

What You Think You Deserve

Sydney's got a new crazy good duo on their hands that go by the name of Little Earthquake. This brother duo has been working hard all through 2013 to bring into the world a proper debut single and with "Planets" they have done just that. They've got that undeniably good indie rock sound of The Royal Concept, while adding in some vocal effects in the atmosphere of a Badboxes tune. They work the song between a hard hitting rock chorus to a reggae sound that goes back to the early years of No Doubt in the 90s. We are absolutely loving what these guys offered up, and they've been working hard to make sure its a sure-fire hit. "Planets" is effortless and bound to be the perfect tune to ramp up the heat for this spring leading into a hot humid summer in the city.

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