Monday, January 20, 2014

We So Gone

Today is just proving to be one of the hottest days in music with all of this electronic beach sounds. We continue the reign of summer heat in the dead cold of winter with ASTR's latest, "Blue Hawaii". After spending a year dropping unstoppable hits that you find yourself getting down to, this duo is dropping their Varisty EP on Neon Gold this week and things couldn't be better. Varsity features all of your favorites from "Operate" to "Razor", but it features two new songs and "Blue Hawaii" is the heat of this major release. Staying true to their electronic hip hop sound, ASTR switches things a bit taking a cruise down a trap style beat lane. There's no doubt that this new track showcases lead singer Zoe's vocals at their best -- dark and lustful. The track screams humid neon nights in Miami, cruising the beach to drink the night away with good company. ASTR is already proving themselves a force to be reckoned with in 2014 after playing a sold out Popshop in NYC last week and now hitting up London for New Shapes' debut. You'll definitely be feeling the heat as you dance your night away to steaming track.

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