Monday, January 20, 2014

Visions Are Flashing

We've been waiting for the day that MVSCLES would finally make their return and on this cold January day it has finally come. MVSCLES give us their latest work "Somethin" which brightens even the coldest of days with a track that is the perfect soundtrack to an 80s beach party. Light and electronic filled, MVSCLES perfectly grasp all of your senses and slowly tiptoe across the sand while tossing all of your cares into the sky, illuminating the night with glittering stars and booming fireworks. Just by listening to any of MVSCLES music you can tell that Chad and Cat, the two members who make up this phenomenal duo, have that chemistry in the realm of Matt and Kim. Let MVSCLES dive into your hearts with their long waited comeback and warm you with their passion till this cold January weather is no more.

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