Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Talk About Physicality

Europe has been showing its potential as a powerhouse of music with the successes of many new stars. Belgian has been quite with only a few bands really making a splash this last year, but things are changing with this one. Meet Belgian duo TONER consisting of Sophie Vanhomwegen and Tom Goris who have teamed up to create their pure gold masterpiece "All I Need". TONER has got that dark sound that echoes off of skyscrapers, penetrating your ears with its liquid elegance. Sophie's voice soars slowly above the city as the daylight travels across the sky and sinking away awakening a sea of artificial lights. The production among these two is minimalistic yet perfected to a degree beyond anything we've been hearing as of lately. Just one listen and you'll be sucked into their tidal wave of glacial sound pulling you under into a darkness you can't escape.

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