Friday, January 17, 2014

Searched The Whole Damn Place

Haim has been the leading sister act this past year, killing it hard in the festival circuit and then dropping an album that blew the pants off of everyone. Unfortunately, this post has little to do with Haim, but it does have a lot to  deal with The Edmondsons, three sisters from London who have Haimlike qualities in their sound. Today, they released "Marble Arch", a demo that's a perfect balance of folk and hard rocker. The girls start off the tune with a some simple strums that let the vocals shine, leading into a higher energy that gets jamming. The girls create some harmonies that soar into a rushing stream and dive into your heart strings. If this version of "Marble Arch" is just a demo, we can't even imagine how amazing the official song will sound like. These girls have created something that just might propel them into being the big sister act of this next year.

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