Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Say You Will

Blood Cultures is back and things couldn't be better. After climbing the Hype Machine charts this fall with their his/their debut single "Indian Summer", Blood Cultures offers up his/their second release "Mercury Child" which blasts the listener off into an alien planet of electronic music. With the 80s synth work like Neon Indian, Blood Cultures adds a bit more of a punch to their sound, compared to "Indian Summers" calming sound, with a pounding chorus in the realm of a Lincoln Jesser tune. Blood Cultures adds in what sounds like a horn or saxophone later in the song and reworks the instrument to create a otherworldly mechanism. Not much is known about Blood Cultures. The only form of online presence is their Soundcloud page with no Facebook or Twitter. We aren't sure who's exactly behind this fascinatingly epic music, but it takes you into outer space and lets you twirl among the stars.

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