Monday, January 27, 2014

Precious Time

London's got some new rockers on the scene and they go by the name of Escapists with their debut "Breaking It Up". This 4-piece band's got that hard hitting sound that comes at you like a wall and makes you catch yourself head banging away. These guys have got a Kings of Leon sound that stretches the course proving to propel them into the ranks of The Arctic Monkeys. Crafting what might be this day's best rock song, Escapists incorporate a little bit of something for everyone. Their music is sincere and light yet strong and powerful and easy to jam to. Their the perfect band for the up and coming festival season to show your friends and act like the hipster rocker you are. Just one listen and you'll be raving for days on the epicness that is Escapists.

1 comment:

  1. My paper started at school one day, but unfortunately, it was during festival season, the time to show off to your friends and act like you're the hipster rocker you really are, and I'm smarter than my friend at that show, and he made me participate in that festival season so I could pay someone to write my assignment, and they completed it to the best of their ability while I enjoyed the show as well.