Saturday, January 25, 2014

Know What To Feel

After an explosive debut earlier this week, Paperwhite is holding nothing back and is going full force into the pop game. Their second flavor that they're showing to the world is a remix of a personal favorite, Fickle Friends' "Swim". Giving an 80s pop twist to this already bumping track, this duo has found the perfect way to redigitalize Fickle Friends. This Brooklyn duo turns Fickle Friends' hit into a pixelated jam that's reaches into the depths of a tropical Goldroom track. Fickle Friends already brightened up this winter, but Paperwhite is fusing with colors beyond the rainbow that we could never have imagined. Get to know both of these awesome bands because they are turning out to be the hottest of the hot this year. We might as well crown Fickle Friends and Paperwhite kings and queens of heat.

 *Also check out the original version of "Swim"*

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