Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is It Something

Brooklyn's got a new band on their hands as of today. Paperwhite makes their debut today with their 80s classic sounding "Got Me Goin". Channeling a St. Lucia's paradise production, Paperwhite plays with hooks and a soaring chorus that "gets you going". This brother-sister duo have a long history together by starting to make music since they could bang on pots and pans, which probably helped give them the advantage in creating this texturized sound that's beyond anything we've ever heard. Along with this they have some noteworthy success already behind them with one half of this duo drumming for Savoir Adore. Paperwhite is on an rainforest exploration searching far and wide for that retro jungle sound and with this debut they sure have got it captured. Close your eyes and you'll find yourself climbing to the top of the rainforest canopy and overlooking a natural world of wonder.

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