Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'll Never Know

After winning over listeners hearts with his folk sounds on "Magpie", Khushi is back with the lead single off of his upcoming EP, "Phantoms". Khushi picks up right where he left off stick with an Alt-J folk sound that finds itself starting off very minimalistic but growing in strength as the tune churns past time. We imagine a clear summers day as the clouds float slowly by at first, but as more clouds move in the skies become darker and the white fluff that was before turns into darkened thunderheads leading to a storm that frightens your soul. "Phantoms" empowers the listener, embracing the phantoms and ghosts of the past while holding tight to the warmth and good within. If the first single off of his EP is this good, we can't imagine how phenomenal the EP is going to be.

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