Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Know

Philadelphia trio WORSHYPER is doing it right with "Calm & Haunt", an electronic symphony that's jubilant and haunting, sending chills down your spin. Starting off with a playful beginning that instills a sense of youth, builds to a haunting and chiming breakdown that picks up into a spinning array of colors in the mist of night. There's almost an oriental feeling to the tinkering synth that drives the song forward to the final chorus that keeps diving deeper into the layers createed. WORSHYPER  is like nothing we've heard before and that's what makes them so unique. The energy they bring drives itself into the listeners heart, instilling happiness and darkness into your soul. WORSHYPER has teamed up with Human Kindness Overflowing, a label that donates all proceeds to charity, to release their EP last year. It's always great when a band is creating music that moves the soul and also helps people in need.

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