Monday, January 13, 2014

Holding On And On

When we think of Columbia University, positioned on the edge of Harlem border lining the no-mans-land of Manhattan, we instantly think of scholars and educational geniuses, yet we sometimes find a rising pop gem thrown into that environment just reaching for the moment to grasp at the air and soar. This pop gem at Columbia is Mattheu's with his latest single "Sanguine". Giving a chiming ambience at first, the song picks up into a R&B vibe that channels a bit of Alicia Keys in her early works. The big flare comes with the awe-inspring chorus that dives into a sea of hopefulness and longing. Mattheu has crafted a smooth masterpiece filled with colors of lustful reds and the darkest of blues. Mixing his aching heart with some excellently produced synthwork, he has crafted an unique sound for himself that is going to put him on the map. Take a listen to "Sanguine" and you will be longing for more from this genius.

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