Sunday, January 19, 2014

Drunk Dreams

It's always great to see some phenomenal music coming from NYU the place we call home, and today another masterpiece from the school everyone dreams to go to was released by Ari Leff, aka EPIQUE. EPIQUE has a long line of epic remixes of some of our favorites that show his true production style, but this time things get even better with his new single "Relapse Love". Channeling the perfect pop guitar mixed over a infectious dance beat, EPIQUE showcases his flawless vocals that will get you losing your mind. The chorus is infused with a buzzing drop that's crazy beyond belief. You find ourself diving back into the relationships of your past, craving for ex's touch in every way. EPIQUE has kicked his 2014 off right with this radio-ready release. Be ready for a music relapse with the urge to play this banger on repeat all day long. 

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