Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Driving With No Lights

Once again we are being treated by a remix of none other than Ayer. This time we get the stylings of Los Angeles producer Elephante on Ayer's latest single "Young". The original version is sexed up and smooth, but Elephante reworked the song into a fist pumping banger thats ready for the club. Ready for an EDM festival, Elephante builds the verses using smooth synth work that leads to a powering chorus that makes you want to dance your ass off and go crazy. This remix is perfect in so many ways and when returning to the original version you begin to find more things you hadn't realized before that were present. Both compliment one another perfectly shedding light on how versatile a song can be. Props to Ayer and Elephante. Two dude about to kill it this year!

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