Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blink Of An Eye

We absolutely love when we get a submission and the song and band we get just gives off that feel like it has so much to give to to the world of pop. This time it is New York band Marque Dos with their song "City at Night". Granted it took us till the second listen to fully grasp the song, but after the second listen you find yourself just thinking of all the possibilities that are in store for this 4-piece band. "City At Night" is a classic pop song that stands for what more than a crazy night in the city. The simplicity of the song's meaning allows for the fun energy to flow out and transfix the listener into a dancing frenzy. Not to mention the vocals catch your attention from the very beginning in how pop friendly they are. Let the fun nights and crazy times roll with Marque Dos.

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