Monday, January 27, 2014

Bend To My Will

This second half of this last year has been dominated with the talk of Lorde and her taboo minimalistic sound that changed the game for pop. It's with Lorde's epic blowup that artists like Island Fox have been able to help expand this galaxy of pop that was light years away and is now approaching us full speed ahead. Island Fox has been gracing the world with some pretty trippy things in the past few months, but today we get another taste with "Atoms". The song is driven by a whistling flute that floats on top of your ears like a calm, breezy wind. The chorus is warped and devilish, but catchy as it's lyrics trickle down your spin like the beginnings of a rain in the summer. Island Fox's vocals reach levels that haunt your soul, but keep you coming back for more of that dark taste. It's almost like witchcraft with how Island Fox catches you off guard and keeps you craving more.

1 comment:

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